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Literally conversion therapy. They're that close to corrective rape by girldick, and they sure do claim terfs should be raped on twitter, so if that's what they deem acceptable to share in public, what do they really think deep down, huh?

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I've literally seen people claim that lesbians who only want to date other females (AKA a bona fide female homosexuals) are TERFs. "You can't be a lesbian and not be attracted to trans women at the same time." Sometimes they get spicy and call us genital fetishists/vagina fetishists. Almost no one calls this lesbophobia out. Anyone who does gets called transphobic.

I don't know how people don't see how homophobic transactivism is. It's the same "gay people are disgusting and obsessed with deviant sex" crap we've been hearing forever but in a new paint of progressive coat.

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I've just started saying, yes I'm a transphobic penis fetishist and that's valid and you're oppressing me.

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You should see a discussion I was having with a troll on here, just now. Saying:

"Lesbians are functionally men with less surgery."

"LEsbians fetishizie vaginas in a perversion of the natural function of the female reproductive system. The "love" that women have for each other is faked or based in fetishisim, not actual love. The "feelings" lesbians have for other women are fetishistic or predatory, again, as evidence by the elevated rates at which lesbians beat the shit out of each other."

Check for yourself the comments on here:

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LOL... So for a lesbian being with a Tim is the same, just with extra steps?

Is there a word we can call lesbians now since trans took it? They did stomp their boot on the faces of lesbians.

I live in Oceania

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Think about the fact that a publicly-traded US tech company just lets this shit fly, knowing full-well that's its on their platform, while vehemently silencing the most mundane opinions.

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LGB* please, none of us want them as part of any group we're in.

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I feel for LGB community! They think LGB sexuality can be questioned & debated... but they don't have the energy for straight men!? They're obsessed with "cis-normativity" and receiving validation from woman.... that's why they never date each other. They need women to fill in the void and do all emotional labor in the name of progress.

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They never target straights.

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They know that by and large,the straight community would resist and the movement would break down. They're picking out the weak members of the herd. Lesbians have been in on the alphabet movement, so they're easy to go after as the mentality is "hey, you're in the LGBT community, don't tell me you're a filthy bigot", and since most in that community lean left, they fear being seen as a phobe b/c it would wreck their social standing; they may lose entire woke friend groups if a T decides to "expose" them as some sort of TERF who won't accept the ladyschlong. It is a gross tactic, but the problem is that there is no united front against it among lesbians b/c some are ok with it, some don't give a shit either way, but most of them want to be seen as progressive so they'll go along with it instead of actively resisting and fighting back b/c the personal consequences are too high.

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Many lesbians have had a gutsful of them and are fighting back. They also are backed by straight sisters.

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They do target straights (predominantly straight women), look up transwidows. But a large part of the trans movement is just the recycled parts of the gay rights political machine, which has won most domestic rights for gays and lesbians and needs to justify its existense and present level of funding. Having been representing gays and lesbians, they were well-placed to betray gays and lesbians first order of business.

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I'm talking more of the ones going after women in the dating scene, the trasnwidow aspect is a whole different ballgame b/c initially the T held himself out as a man and all that entails before losing his marbles.

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The same organizations (in my country) which condemn gay conversion therapy also condone girldick barf.

Edit: Also also, one of the activists from those org said that a TIM with a d!ck is the same as a woman with small breasts. Freaking morons!!!!

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As someone who has (regrettably) encountered the girldick, guess what? It’s the same as a man’s because well. You know.

It’s disgusting that lesbians are just expected to like dick now and it’s transphobic if they don’t. I’ve felt pressure to be straight my entire life, I don’t need it from TIMs too smh.

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WHAT?!?!?! You're saying that... A... Girl dick.... Is the SAME as any other dick?!?!?! Mind blowing /s

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It is almost like girldick owner is just a male. Who'd know that?

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They have awokened to homophobic conversion therapy advocacy! Praise the most fag-hating version of Abraham's god, the one that the Westboro Baptist Church worships. Hallelujah! /s

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In a sense, that they have a secular motivation makes it even worse. At least the fundie types think somehow their homophobia is for the "greater good" but these people are just all


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Haha, good point. Amazing, it ends up being ultra liberal wokesters who minimize the homophobia of the church. At least their book wasn't written last week by a boned-up AGP with the emotional stability of a 13 year old girl. Well done, you woke pieces of shit.

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It really disgusts me that TRAs keep using lesbians and gays as their shields, claiming that anything they disagree with is "against LGBT community". The TRAs cult is proven to be the most homophobic and their ideology conflicts with almost all of homosexual interests.

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If you check LGBT organisations, many LGB people are fighting against them, as even if you check Stonewall reports, starting at around 2014, they were publishing and researching mostly transgenders, at few years they had zero publications on lesbians and 1-2 on gays, while almost everything else was focused on Transgenders.

Some gay spaces are still there, but under constant pressure or attacks. Lesbian spaces were completely destroyed. No LGBT place belongs to LGB anymore, and almost no one can say anything at loud. That is one of reasons why movements like /s/LGBDropTheT or "Get the L Out" exist at all.

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Speaking of which lesbians remember your own home is private and women can meet there and it has nothing to do with anyone else. In other words lesbian hating trans cannot demand access to that space.

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Now, they aren't saying you aren't homosexual, just that you need to consider that your homosexuality might not be genuine - you need to really think about the effects of the pressure to be straight and unpack how that might make you gay. Oh sorry, got lost trying to follow the argument. I meant "cissexism" might make you think you are gay when you are really bisexual.

(Obviously /s here - Questioning if someone is "really gay" or "really bi" or really anything is just inappropriate assholeness regardless.)