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If anyone is on Twitter, please notify the British GC Feminist Twitter Squad, and they will descend on this fool and set him straight.

Some Twitter accounts to notify:

(IMPORTANT: you DO NOT need a Twitter account to read Twitter, just type Twitter and the twitter handle into whatever search engine you use and you can read Twitter without registering)

@allianceLGB @RIPx4nutmeg @ChiefBrody19 @HairyLeggdHarpy

@bjportraits (American but at the forefront of GC with lots of information) @WomensLibFront (US rad fem group WoLF)

While you're on Twitter, please link to this sub (s/GenderCritical) as well as Ovarit, so we can recruit new members!

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Mack Kenny's account is now protected. Sick, sad, and ugly inside and out. You don't agree with someone, either ignore them or disagree and move on. How malicious and deluded does this sick freak have to be to continually sexually harass a woman like this and still think he's a saint? This hideous gollum creature is the modern male liberal "feminist."

edit: he has a transbian friend who is victim blaming and says Kenny can't possibly do wrong because anything against evil TERFs is justified and he's a good guy and trans ally Birds of a feather.

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That there is a sad, sad, sad little man with a micropenis.

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