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TwoXChromosomes mods regularly reference this post

The name "XX" is not meant to be specifically inclusive or exclusive of anyone. Look around our submissions and you'll see that we already have some guys in our midst, and we welcome them openly, as well as anyone else who wishes to be here, no matter their genes. This subreddit is not "girls only", but rather, a place for discussion on "girly things". Here, we embrace fashion, makeup, things that smell nice, and honest discussion on matters that largely--but certainly not ONLY--concern women.

If you are a man with a secret love of chick flicks and shoes, you're welcome here.

If your body is male but your mind is female, you're welcome here.

If you tell us to make you a sandwich, you're welcome here, but will be downvoted into oblivion.

If you offer to make us a sandwich, you're more than welcome here.

And if you're a woman who hates chick flicks and shoes, you're welcome here, though if you also abhor everything else girly I doubt we'll have much for you here.

So yeah, it was never a subreddit for women. Just a subreddit for "girly things" like "chick flicks and shoes".

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Oh yeah I’m familiar with that from TwoXChromosomes, but the one I got the post from is TwoXSex. The description even says “This is a sub primarily for women to discuss sex with other women”, so I guess I thought it would be different and more female centric because it’s about sex

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“This is a sub primarily for women to discuss sex with other women”

Is that 'discuss [sex with other women]' or 'discuss [sex] with other women'?

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When did things change? TwoXChromosomes used to be a place where women described sex-based experiences and challenges. There were always so many threads detailing the descrimination and harrassment they faced for having a female body, and it was clear that for most of them, their reasons for posting were tied to their experiences of being of the female sex.

That's why I found it so weird that no one pushed back against transwomen using women's health issues to validate themselves or otherwise fetishizing female-ness. When did a forum for women start promoting crass stereotypes of womanhood? Seems like, based on the description, the forum is intended to alienate gender non-conforming women ie butch lesbians, non-binary and transmen.

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Banned from twoXchromosome.

On jk rowling, "I upvoted this proudly- she is a TERFIST POS."

Me, "Hate speech right here. SMH at the aggression."

Permaban LOL

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No wonder the TIMs want in; the idea that women are all about schmalty romance and shoes is pretty much their entire philosophy.

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Yet again, we were totally wrong about what being a woman is. We, being women, don’t know. People who are into “girly things” know what women are.

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oh COME ON. It's clear as day to anyone that cares to look that TIMs don't share an ounce of similarity with women when it comes to female sexuality. I never fucking see them in fandom or any theme of them gravitating to female-oriented pornspaces. They're on pornsites or sharing hentai images amongst themselves on 4chan. That's not even mentioning the VERY different physicality when it comes to sex. We're never going to end up with an accurate picture of female sexuality with them there stinking up the place with their male gaze.

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They shoot themselves in the foot. Honestly, they defile their own logic.

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I know right? There’s always posts complaining about men commenting on a supposedly female centered subreddit, and then I see this...

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This basically says "We need men to tell us how to be better women." lollll okay.

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Exactly. It's the ultimate "pick me" mentality. No thanks, I don't need men educating me on the "full scope" of womens experiences. It's baffling and idiotic.

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Can’t they create their own spaces , where they can discuss issues that only concern them and stay there because at one time , this strategy of taking every spaces is gonna explode in their faces ?

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No because that's not validating enough for them, and it 'triggers their dysphoria' when they are around other trans people.

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And yet they still don’t understand why people peak and become terf at one time , then they should be excluded and their arguments should be turned to ridicule because they can’t understand the different spaces for men and women who have different issues

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Get back on reddit and spread some low-key terfing. Not enough to get banned, but just enough to start others on their progress to peaking. It's fun.

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"Enough to get banned" these days is ANY deviation from the party line. Even when the party line changes faster than you can stay updated. BANHAMMER!

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You're one of those, ey? I always wonder if a "terfy" comment is from someone who knows exactly what they are doing. The posts are usually staged like a sudden realization - "You know what I've realized? / I've just noticed that ... / This made me think that ... " but then it's informational, logical, rational, appears like a good deal of thought went into it, and maybe there's even a source or 2 attached. A sudden realization. Mm.

I'm going to join you.

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It recently really got to me how creepy it is sociaty lets men into women spaces. If a 'cis' male would do it every one would scream but a 'trans woman' is supposedly ok. We are brainwashed to believe that's 'inclusive' and something positive. Trans people are idolised. The other day someone posted in r/LBGTeens "Uuuugh I hate straight men [...] But not you trans boys ❤️ you're perfect" So yeach what is the world becoming?

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Kind of reminds me of Clark Kent really. Wear glasses and no one notices that you are another person. Wear a wig or better yet just self proclaim and no one notices that you are a man.

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Like heterosexual sex or male body aren't discussed enough.

They should fuck off.

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Women are such fucking pushovers. I love them to death but fuck. The male subs do not bend over like this.

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It is really sad. I reluctantly realized this while I was on reddit

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This is sad. A TIM posts about respecting boundaries and not speaking over women (rare among TIMs), and then women say TIMs are allowed to comment there.

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The description even says “This is a sub primarily for women to discuss sex with other women”, so I guess I thought it would be different and more female centric because it’s about sex.

Nah, everything is about the trans. We couldn’t possible leave them out of absolutely everything.


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I wish I could the psychologically behind the need these women have to be mules for men.