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Fuck these people. Supposedly honest mistakes ("misgendering") don't make someone transphobic, but Iroh was bad for mistaking a girl for a boy, ok. WTF is a "trans tomboy" supposed to be? Now they're co-opting tomboys?

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They've been coopting GNC kids for a long time now

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Girls can’t be tomboys without being trans— they are trying to make every strong woman in history trans as well... recently the remains of a FEMALE Viking warrior has been found and trans people are trying to say that they MUST be trans bc only men, whether cis or trans, can be warriors.

They also constantly say Kyoshi is trans(woman) bc she was a tall woman with a deeper voice— So she obviously must be a trans woman. It’s ridiculous. Woke sexism and gender roles is all it is.

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Fuck off with this shit (not you OP, just these people). It's like anytime a character goes against gneder norms, you have these muppets say shit like "Oh I bet they're trans". Like what the fuck is wrong with these people? Is it really that hard to grasp that breaking socially constructed gender roles doesn't erase your sex. That in the case of Smellerbee, she just happened to be a tough masculine girl?

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I was curious about what the trans community had to say about the character Smellerbee from Avatar: The Last Airbender and it wasn't a surprise. I don't think I have to spell out how wrong this is. And for F*ck's sake Iroh was 'bad' bcs he though someone was a boy who absolutely looked like one?!? And can people stop compering gay ppl to trans ppl, they have absolutely nothing in common and representing a gay character contributes nothing to the trans community and doesn't obligate to have them represented. I just can't take anymore of this.

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I follow the creators and I think they are absolutely right. They probably originally did design Smellerbee to be a tomboy girl ( after all the women in ATLA always challenged gender) but they have been known to pander and retroactively shoe horn social messages that were not originally there. So Smellerbee will probably be trans on any future adaptation or if pushed enough. They did that with Korra as well. Korra in the first season was always displayed very feminine with soft features but when they decided she was to be lesbian sometime at the end of the final season she was drawn very masculine almost man like. I had no problem with Korra and Asami being together, in fact I remember thinking that Korra seemed better suited to be with Asami but for a very long time their interactions were neglected and there was no build up, which is why I found the ending jarring because it became obvious that they were succumbing to social media campaign pressure rather than thinking that was what Korra was originally to become.

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Idk, no matter the wlw couple ppl ALWAYS say it's rushed even if it's not. I don't get said perception of Korrasami, they both are great written individual characters, their (actual) relation started developing from S3 and there was a 3 YEAR gap between book 3 and 4 and they corresponded the whole time. It was really well developed and for the time it was made they did what they could. I can't speak for the creators but Korra's hasn't really changed that much (in the way you indicated) she's always been musculine and she was 'butched' up in S4 only bcs she trained hard and cut her hair. I really don't get what's wrong with Korrasami which did NOT come out of nowhere and I absolutely love their relationship.

Coming back to Smellerbee I just don't get why would anyone say she's trans. She gets upset bcs Iroh called her a boy (bcs she looked like one) and she emphasizes the fact she is a girl, therefore it's not at all their kind of 'misgendering' she just likes to dress like a boy and that's what she is supposed to feel comfortable about and litteraly nothing indicates she's trans.

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There is nothing wrong with Korra and Asami except it didn’t get the Aang Katara treatment. A lot of korraasami interactions happened behind the scenes apparently. I think it’s a cop out considering how much time and energy they usually spent on other relations. It was definitely shoehorned in during the last season. Wish they had thought of it from the beginning. Also Korra has always been training. The posters during the last season seem to highlight her manliness than the seasons before. Definitely shoe horned.

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This is the clip:

Smellerbee is obviously supposed to be an unattractive girl who's dressed "as a boy" because boys are the ones who generally go on rad rebel adventures, so anything that's for adventurers is "for boys." You hear that voice for one second, and it's obvious. Iroh didn't "misgender" her because he's not woke enough, he confused her for a boy because in his mind a girl would look more girly and pretty. Her little conversation with her friend after was about reminding her that being a girl is no impediment to being a rad adventuring freedom-fighter.

Of course, even in-universe, "Smellerbee" is a stupid name for anyone, but there's like a hundred named characters in ATLA so the writers get a pass on this one.

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Uuuugh the comments. A girl wants to be comfortable in her own skin as more masculine and non conforming and they try to indicate she's trans? How? Litteraly nothing points to that.