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But let me tell you how I got this ring

Ask for a car while you ride that dick

He bought a phone just for pictures of this wet-ass pussy

Lyrics is implying that she got good status because she slept her way up. And that she is getting her items by sleeping with people.

Again, how is that empowering?

I thought that "I want a promotion on work, but boss will not let me, so I will have sex with him and get promotion" is a big problem for women, who are not getting their fair pay or promotions until they fullfil sex wishes of men who hold more power. Seems it was not misogyny, it was just women empowering! Looks like women were never oppressed, it all was just empowerment.


And calls herself a whore like it is something good. I guess they are calling it "reclaiming of slur"?

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It makes me sad that people think a man buying them things means they're empowered. Buy your own fucking car. Stand on your own two feet and build an independent life where you don't need men's approval to survive. Prostitution is not empowerment.

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How did we get here from Destiny's Child "Independent Women"

This is so depressing

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Not to mention the man Cardi B married is a serial philanderer that coerced her into an "open relationship". She was once arrested for fighting a stripper that he had an affair with.

Edit: a word

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Very "empowering". Like someone said on this forum - "neo liberal feminism is like american dream, sacrifice everyone and yourself for a chance that you will be one of those millionaries who will be using everyone else as toilet paper".

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Pop culture is more and more, fully embracing actual whores. It feels weird to say that, because I so often associate it with people who think all women are inherently sinful, but there's some truth in it.

Most of the women today with the fastest rising incomes are women who are on OnlyFans. I think this is causing a trickle-down effect, where all women and men are beginning to put a price on female sexuality.

There are so many people who frame these women as "smart", "playing men", "getting the bag at all costs", but like, at the end of the day you are getting paid for people to watch you have sex??

You can't untangle the degradation from it and it's sad that these women are the highest earners.

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I've read several hot takes saying this is just role reversal (women are the sexually dominant ones!) but it's clearly just the same, tired objectification. The background beat of the song says 'there's some ho's up in here.' How is it empowering to suggest that women can only be sexual if they are 'whores'? Fuck off with this whore shit. If this song truly reflected a role reversal the women would be fully clothed with lots of naked men writhing at their feet. As an aside...I've also seen a few TIMS claim that they LOVE the video because it confirms that women can get aroused by themselves as women. Yes, boys, a video directed by a man for the male gaze 100% proves autogynophillia in women...

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It would be role reversal if it was SHE who was paying them, and who was throwing money on those (hm, is there a word for manwhore in English? Our language have those, but translator is not translating them to english) for them showing their abs.

And while it is she who is paid for such behaviour and who has less money and depends on rich men to buy her stuff - it is not role reversal.

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I came across this video of a 90 year-old woman being shown the WAP video with the sound off by her grandson. Her appalled facial expressions as she watches are priceless and spot on.

At the end she says, "I wouldn't like to see this sort of thing, nah! You know who would like it? Men would like it!"

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HAH, this is wonderful. She's got that mix of disgust and laughter that most of us probably had. It was my first time seeing the video, but I'm glad that I was able to watch her expressions in between to balance it out.

Honestly, I don't think even a good chunk of men would appreciate this. I've heard so many complain about the overblown near nudity and sex in their comics and shows and are pretty pissed about it. Their response being in the line of "If I wanted to watch porn, I would have watched porn. This is too much." This is certainly not empowering though.

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Yes, I agree that this would put off a lot of men too. These women really don't look sexually appealing. It's a perfect illustration of the kind of raunchified phony feminism that Ariel Levy plumbed and discussed so insightfully in her book "Female Chauvinist Pigs" 15 years go.

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Turning yourself into an object to be abused for men's pleasure is empowering now.

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So I'm supposed to praise and be prideful of a song and two rappers that perpetuate sex is the quickest way to get to the "top" in the name of female pleasure?


I'm very tired of this bullshit.

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And here I thought we'd already seen the grossest of Cardi B's lyrics. This song is a prime example of why feminism has been realigned (reassigned?) as a "conservative" ideology in the post-modern era.

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I saw this video several days ago and my jaw is still dropped. Wish these young female musicians weren't taking their cues from misogynistic men and porn, but from other women who've been fabulously successful in music without turning themselves into debased sex objects. Like these amazing performers:

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thank you for this, i am going to watch all of these over the next few days

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Hope you enjoy. And share. Young women need to know they don't have to pander to the misogyny of the music industry. Other highly successful artists to look into: Nina Simone, Lesley Gore, Phoebe Snow.

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women...trying to make the claim that this song is women feeling entitled to sexual pleasure

There is not one frame of that video in which any of the women in it appear to be feeling one iota of sexual pleasure!

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you know what would be truly empowering? being famous in the music industry without the need to self objectify.

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Ew saw a TIM on the fediverse referring to the song and how his going to play while wearing his knee highs and swishy skirt or some other bull-shit. FYI Still doesn't make you a women, just some pathetic guy in a skirt promoting myogynistic trash. :P

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I think you make a great point - in the popular culture's imagination, "strong woman" looks like a stripper. Women are only "strong" insofar as they can be unashamed of how sexual they are. There is no other axis of power given to women in popular imagination.

While women were oppressed for their sexuality, they were also oppressed in other, more pernicious ways - like the lack of cultural respect, the lack of women being able to be anything OTHER THAN a wife/mother or a "whore" (someone paid to be sexual).

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Hol' up- Wet Ass-pussy? Cool, cool. Chasers and TIMs can go to town with that shit for all I care.

Missy Elliot did this schtick way better.

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It's truly disturbing how often I see jokes about sucking dick every time I see Kamala Harris mentioned.