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Aaaaand here it is. Nearly a decade ago, I said to my TIF former friend that this is exactly what could potentially happen if self-ID ever became a thing.

She insisted over and over that my argument was bullshit. That "you can tell if someone is just pretending to be trans." Or that "male and female symbols on public bathroom doors don't stop predators from walking in."

But that's not the fucking problem. The problem is that once self-ID is accepted, you can't QUESTION whether someone is pretending or not. They're all valid. You can't QUESTION whether a male-appearing person in a bathroom is a predator. They're all valid.

And now, you can't QUESTION whether a police officer who is literally groping your crotch could get a female officer. Because now, they're ALL valid.

I am so fucking sick of this. This is literally sexual assault.

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Right? Since the suggestion that a biological female is different from any self-IDer is nearing criminality in itself, we're being cornered.

It's overwhelmingly common for people to just assume that everyone around them only has the most wholesome intentions in mind. Barring the comorbidities of mental illness that can be tied into transitioning, you're going to just have straight up people WITHOUT great intentions to try for access to vulnerable people. When anyone confronts that, ask them what the rates are for rape, sexual assualt, sexual harassment, sexual molestation, voyeurism, etc. If someone has already committed a crime like anything in those categories, what would stop them or potential future offenders from using self-ID as an easier way of access? As obviously pointed out by the fact that we have people in prisons/jails in the first place, humans are very much not all altruistic angels.

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The fact that HALF the self-IDing transwomen in prisons are convicted sex offenders should be proof enough of this. Like, seriously doesn't it help trans people if they denounce all these sex offenders as not really part of their community? But they won't do it!

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I've been seeing a lot of "no matter how bad of a thing TiM did, that still doesn't justify misgendering" when someone used HE.

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It almost seems like they're wearing plot armor of a sort though, regardless of who is denounced and who isn't. The weird thing is that a lot of this information is seen, but it's like the brain doesn't accept that it's actually happening or something, then dismissed. I want to say that there's some arguments in the vein of "but they're not really trans", but I'm getting sleepy and a little brain fried so I don't want to tell you something that's straight up wrong. We might have something in one of the stickies though.

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but it's like the brain doesn't accept that it's actually happening

Trans Cthuluh?

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My mind immediately went for "eldritch" when I was typing it because of how much it really does seem like an inability to comprehend what's happening, something being there that our brains don't fully understand and so it compensates for in ways that it will.

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Honestly, at this point I'm just waiting for the boomer humor that's going to come from self-ID. I give it a year before old men start wearing t-shirts with dumb perv shit on them like "I identify as female, let's go bra shopping together!"

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The shirts men would get with "lesbian" on it were bad enough, but behold: a new era awaits.

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As a boomer myself, I honestly think many of my age group are just disgusted by this, but we are getting to old to do much about it.

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I completely understand. It's especially hard to do anything about it when the current younger generation's favorite hobby is shitting all over the older generations. There is almost no respect or even recognition of the existence of life experience and wisdom anymore.

(By the way, I hope my comment you are responding to didn't come off as shitting on boomers. I was just trying to describe a specific type of humor.)

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In some Canadian cities (where public mask-wearing is mandatory), they are offering "mask exemption cards" to those who may not be able to wear a mask due to physical or mental health issues.

They are distributed on an "honor system," that if you claim to need one, then you must really need one.

Guess how long it took for people to start abusing the "honor system"?

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We have business mandates in my county with fees being enforced to those that don't comply with having customers wear masks. There are exceptions, but there are still a ton of people trying to skirt around it and you have some that will be pissed that businesses don't want to take the fall for their not wanting to follow the mandate.

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Like all the anti-maskers who now tell me they have PTSD (spoiler: they don't) and want me to give them a doctor's note to not wear a mask. That's so hurtful to people who actually have PTSD - and the assholes have no shame or compassion. The assholes also don't have doctor's notes lol.

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Well in Boston these naive idiots just bailed out a rapist and the rapist raped again while out on bail. But hey rapists are really oppressed marginalized people! 🤷

ETA: Corrected to say this happened in Boston, not Seattle.

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I think much of the woke left is made up of incredibly naive young college students/graduates who come from nice middle/upper class families with absolutely no understanding of the real world or how their ideals will be implemented within it.

They think trans people are the most oppressed minority (they just want to pee) without understanding that the bulk of TIMs are autogynaphiles, that half of all trans inmates are in prison for sex crimes, that serious mental health co-morbidities exist in a substantial portion of the trans population, and finally that the trans ideology has the fundamental flaw that it allows bad actors to use the ideology for their own purposes and no one can question them.

These same naive people don't understand that some people cannot peacefully exist in society, but unfortunately, these wokesters won't often experience the repercussions of their actions; vulnerable women and children with few resources will.

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Why do we give a shit about rapists in society? Rapists and pedos top my list of people that everyone would be better off without, but society just keeps handwaving their bullshit.

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oh yay another Bawston person? <3

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Shrodingers Trans. They are both valid trans and fake predator until you look.

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The replies.... I'm not sure how I feel.

I think mostly because most of the comments I honestly can't tell who's being snarky and who's being serious. It's wild.

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Other than boomer comment all are serious. Which are snarky?

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Yep, I said this was going to happen.

I suggested it as a way to cope with TIMs demanding a female officer do their body search... Just get a male officer to say 'I identify as a woman': problem solved.

Not pleased to see a male officer doing such an intimate grope search of a woman.

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Ask how all officers present identify, and then make up another gender to identify as and demand to be searched by an officer of that gender.

Of course, it only matters when a man wants his junk touched by an unwilling woman.

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Didn't that already happen? Jessica Yaniv?

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I feel bad for the gal but maybe this will finally peak her and the video to peak a lot more people too.

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That journalist sounds like a terfy transphobe to be honest. There is no reason for me not to believe that officer is absolutely a female - She just happens to have a good sense of humor.