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He's wrong though, transgender ideology is misogynistic by design. Removing women's protections is the goal, not a side affect.

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It's true. I read the transmaxxing 40 some page word doc floating around on Reddit and damn near lost my mind.

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This will be leading in to something Duncan is going to be talking about in his future writing.

I was unsure if I should comment here or create a part two to my other post I made.

I have also been asked to write about this, my personal experiences with TiM, how they lost their minds at my rejection, stalked me in person, drove with their Black Escalade to my home, signed up for a sports team in the state I live in, stalked me, demanding I marry them while threatening me at the same time. I am trying to find a way safely to out them all, by name, and what they said/did to me. Not even fecking around.

When I ranted on about being chased by TiMs on the internet and in person, I meant it. I did not go into detail. I was able to reach out and talk privately to Duncan, who confirmed some things I shared directly with him, which I am going to share with you now.

It has been quite upsetting to me and I have felt alone. You may all listen to me, and I thank you for that, but you do not understand. Duncan fully understood the very specific things I shared with him about my experiences of TiMs contacting me, wanting me, becoming obsessed with me within a day, if not just seeing me for seconds, proposing marriage, losing their minds over me, because I am a tall, in shape, strong femme lesbian.

I fit a ROLE.

AN AGP role. A fantasy with them. Because, they are AGP. The lot of them.

The person who knows about male clients and BDSM might be interested in this as well.

In my post I talked about TiMs chasing me. A few hundred messaged me the craziest things on dating apps. I remember when it first was happening, and at the time I was taking sips from the woke kool aid firehose.

They would say things like "I can finally wear heels!" or "I can be the little spoon finally" in their first message to me (this was before you had to match with someone on OKC to message them), I would wake up to literally dozens every morning, it was if TiMs were doing a search for all lesbians over 5'10". They would have everything planned out, our lives together, upon their first message. I am, the holy grail, in their fetish minds. It goes beyond that. (This combined with the ones I met in person when I was doing some activism garbage with them). They wanted me to hit them, to choke them in their messages.

Here's the kicker. The majority of them kept saying this phrase to me: "make me your woman." There it is. AGP. They would talk about clothes they wanted to wear, touching themselves, while pretending to have a vagina, wanting me to do things to them. They were very descriptive in what they would ask of me, right out of the gate. Some would have scenarios in mind, places, marriage ceremonies to be fake, or real, things they wanted to say or do, down to the music. It was all orchestrated, for all of them.

Some had fantasies of us growing old together, watching the trees grown in the yard, very specific, specific house, but with me choking them, and making them, their subordinate woman, while they got off sexually, on the image in ther minds, of having a vagina, with me, playing a role in their story.

Duncan already planned to write this out (he is not writing about my experiences, but he is going to chime in on AGP stuff and how it relates to gay male sex), I did not prompt him to do anything. You are going to see things written where he is going to talk about the parallels of what I just said, and gay male sex, AGP, and dominant and submissive roles.

I am not going to let stand the abuse I have faced by TiMs seeing me as a fetish for them in a script in their head to get off at all costs.

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I am so sorry this dystopian nightmare is something you've had to deal with. It is just so many levels of fucked up. I also appreciate your bravery in sharing your story, because just when I think I understand autogynephilia I realize there's even more to it, and it all makes so much "sense" in that it's batshit insane but it explains all of the patterns. There is a consistent logic to the madness. Before I thought the AGP obsession with dating lesbians was just because AGPs were female-attracted and were hellbent on misappropriating womanhood for themselves, leaving lesbians as the most validating partners. I didn't realize the side to it where they clearly like the idea of looking even more feminine, small, cute, and sissified and how stereotypes of lesbians play into this, about lesbians being masculine, dominant women, and bonus points for you because you're tall and beautiful at the same time. I'm reminded of all the stories I heard where trans-identified males were constantly telling women that they are better women than them and that they are wasting their femininity.

This is truly the darkest timeline and my heart goes out to you. Your story will be something I continue to think about a lot.

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NO need for you to say you are sorry. For a time I did talk to one therapist and we talked about "all trans?". Yes all trans. We talked about the possibility of having one good experience talking to just ONE. Just One TiM. ONE. I am not holding my breath, but it would be nice for one to prove me wrong, or anyone wrong, and be a decent human being. We can rant and debate here and throw mud sometimes. We can be angry. Our feelings are our feelings. Our experiences are our experiences. I wished for a time that just one TiM would have been not gross to me.

I am unsure how you feel, or anyone else here feels, but do we want any of these experiences? No? We do not want to have peak experiences. We do not want to feel degraded. I certainly am not into the BDSM stuff either.

It was maddening, and sad, and depressing.

There was a time I was trying to help. I felt truly sorry for these people, and my compassion was taken advantage of. I do not want to be the person that gets hard from her experiences and bitter.

Sometimes I have to take a serious step back--this is another reason I deleted Facebook.

Having a heart and doing the work I have done with the elderly, and with children and other women and helping animals is something I still do, and I am not virtue signaling here, but just to say that it was no different for me when I first became curious about what was happening with people who are MtF.

I have felt very alone in my experiences. It is bad enough I have "standard" males chasing me whenever I go places. Married men will text me--even one of the guys who worked at the place I took my car. At noo time other than saying "hey, this is what is wrong with my car" did I talk to him, but he thougt it OK to flirt with me and personally start texting me. My response: "I respect you are a married man and the relationship you have with your wife and child." That happens to me a lot too, and I think, I do not want to be a mega bitch.

It is a difficult thing for me to find this happy medium when trying to maintain boundaries. I used to assume people were able to be trusted until proven otherwise, and now, feck.

It was a large reason why I gravitated toward the queer community. I was getting nowhere with my own lesbian community even as friends due to my height and appearance, gay men sometimes just say nasty things about lesbians often (Not all though, I have two gay male friends--they are great), and my striaght friends get weird when I come out to them as lesbian. They either do not want to be friends anymore, I think because they think I am interested in them, which is not the case! Does not work that way! LOL. Or, if I am friends with a woman, she wil think ohh, she can bring me in to her home for a threesome or get some on the side with me. It'sa really difficult thing.

I wish I were straight most days. Life would be so much easier.

And thank you for all of your words, I was trying to be as clear as I could with what I look like, and why they just keep coming for me.

If you want to talk sometime about anything, I am game!

I hope you are having a good weekend, truly I do.

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I must say he writes very well. Apparently there will be a part 3 next week.

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I liked how he laid out the logical steps it took to undo his brainwashing. I hope he continues to be guided by reason.

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This is really excellent. Has anyone cross-posted it to the other communities on here?