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Lesbians do not do the xy. Can I have this on a shirt please?

I am certain this discussion has been beaten to death and argued ad nauseum, but for those other lesbians here, can we talk about other things besides body parts? Of course body parts and physical attraction, but also:

Dynamics, socialization, and lived experiences. When I tell my female straight friend, I have my period, she offers me tea, brownies, soup, and to come over and watch movies and hang out on the couch. Why? Because we know this, we know that in some way, many of us are one big cramp festival, and we are going to have days where we feel OK, other days when our uterus is trying to murder us, others we are horny as all get out even though the crimson tide has arrived.

The thought of peri menopause and menopause.

How if feels to have your boobs squished in a mammogram.

How it feels to have your cervix chunked out during one of your paps, because something looked abnormal to them, and you had to bite on a rag and tears are streaming down your face, after they spray vinegar (acetic ACID) on your raw cervix.

What it felt like to get your period for the first time.

What it feels like to have the male gaze on you, and how you fear walking at night alone. What man goes camping alone vs woman? Travels in general alone with or without fear?

How to BE in a lesbian or female+female relationship. There is NO man, unless you are dating a TRUE butch who is into the binary of that, which is, another thing entirely.

I could just keep going on about the dynamics of women who are with women, which MALES will NEVER get, ever.