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A friend of mine is going through her second pregnancy (congrats) and she posted this picture on her fb page. Some of the comments were about line 3 and how transphobic it was. Bottom line, women can’t discuss anything thanks to the liberal fantasy world we should all participate in.

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She needs better friends. I posted the same thing and I just got a bunch of laugh emojis. Dump toxic people.

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I thought the same but I restrained myself from commenting anything though. Edit: because I am a cowardly asshole.

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because I am a cowardly asshole.

Naeh, please don't think that. These people can become pretty vile and might start harassing you online (and/or offline) for having the horrible wrong opinion. It's perfectly normal to protect yourself from that kind of BS. We're all fighting this in ways that we personally can, but we cannot fight all the fights, nor should we feel obliged to.

I do hope your friend finds other, nicer friends such as yourself though.

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wait why is it transphobic?

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Because biological sex is transphobic apparently.

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The word 'transphobic' has lost all meaning, like a nice glass of wine which has been poured into the Pacific Ocean. What would you call a real transphobic act now? The kind which involves loathing and hatred?

Millions of people seem to be reality-phobic. A child's biological sex is almost always known even before birth these days and certainly after birth. To pretend that it is Schrodinger's sex, to be revealed only after parents have asked the child at some ripe old age, say three, is pure idiocy if for no other reason than because it will never ever work unless the child, indeed is kept in a box like that imaginary Schrodinger's cat was. Other adults and other children will inform the child.

The project of erasing biological sex from human vocabularies is more useless than almost anything I can think of. It will never come to pass. But it's not impossible that the concept of women as adult female human beings will be erased on the political left. I think of today's anti-feminist situation as a pincer move: Both the far right and the far left are enforcing retrogressive sex roles on us.

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A child's biological sex is almost always known even before birth these days and certainly after birth.

I thought #3 was about your baby is giving a birth later in life. But yeah, sex is known long before birth.

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I haven't had enough coffee today. Here I sat thinking "but why? Is it the shape of the number?"

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Some people will find ANY reason to be pissed off... TRAs in particular seem to comb everything far and wide just to spit on a whole lot of imagined slights. Must be nice to have so much free time...