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The r/detrans saga is a little more complicated than that, and they've had to make significant sacrifices in order to stay up at all.

Otherwise, yeah.

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I'll admit, I'm hesitant to post here given I know the nature of the stalkers.. all too personally now.

The situation on r/detrans is much more complicated then you're making it out to be. We were meant to be banned too and did indeed get the very same removal reason as Gender Critical and many other spaces. Screenshot of when we got banned

However, the moment we got banned.. there was massive blow up on Twitter and I want to say other social media as well. Massive retweeting, backing from psychologists and doctors. Word spread fast and despite Reddit claiming it was a mistake, none of us who were on the team buy that. Especially given how we were essentially threatened by the admin shortly after one of our mods confronted the admins who left us message. This also isn't factoring the fact a certain leader of these people tried to steal our sub and repurpose it right under our noses, likely similar to what happened to r/detransition.

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What is the power structure like at Reddit? Has it been captured by trans activists the way it looks now?

I guess what I am trying to understand why one particular and fairly small group wields such out-of-all-proportions power there. The whole place is a giant porn site with other things tagged to it so I get why it would not love feminists much, but the vicious hatred doesn't smell quite the same as from MRAs. It looks like it was TRAs who decided on the banned list.

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If you haven't given the thread posted by Helena a read yet, I highly recommend it. Two of the transgender power mods have close and tight affiliation with the upper power at Reddit. Reddit's probably also probably caught word of what trans means profit wise and like any other business, is trying to capitalize on it.

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Well, that's essentially what I'm saying though. The reaction to r/detrans taken down was different than r/gendercritical. Either reddit was afraid of looking anti-trans (and don't give a fuck about feminists saying #reddithateswomen" on twitter) or we didn't do enough to spread the word and create more backlash. What can we do to rectify in the way r/detrans did?

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The only thing I can think of is what an existing poster said, that GC Twitter didn't have someone with enough power speaking up in regards to their ban and the voices that were screaming were drowned out by false claims made by trans extremists. The moment we got banned there was a massive storm on Twitter including massive mentions to Reddit's twitter accounts. I don't know exactly what happened regarding GC but what I heard is most women just said they were done and were going to relocate, to say here and the GC-made platform. Honestly given the rate things are going and the fact that banning me wasn't enough for trans extremists, r/detrans is on borrowed time as is especially with their increasingly growing influence and redefinition of what detransition means.

In our case I know we stressed they were making a mistake because we were a support group for those who were questioning their transition and an important lifeline for those who regretted transition.

Reddit's made it quite clear they don't really care about women given the massive amount of porn subs left unchecked and how many women subs got axed just for stating biological sex exists and women have different issues then biological males on estrogen.

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I think people who have detransitioned are more threatening to the trans movement. Their existence destabilizes the TRA narrative (of self identification specifically, and just the whole logic of their rhetoric). If people are being transitioned who shouldn’t be, then obviously there needs to be more and better controls and screening over transition - and they don’t want that. It puts their whole MO into question. That’s why research on detransition has been quashed, it’s too dangerous.

Our logic and rationale are discounted off the bat because of sexism. They’ve painted us as a hate group, that’s all they have to do to dismiss us since callout culture emerged (and since mutually respectful platforms for debate basically don’t exist anymore).

The TRA PR campaign against actual feminists (and women) is accepted by mainstream leftism as the correct view. We’re labelled as hateful, we’re seen as having privilege. Whereas detransitioners are evidently sympathetic, being I guess one could say the underdog, I mean it’d be obviously punching down for anyone to criticize them as a group.

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And yeah this way they can claim to support detransitioners while controlling the narrative.

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One of detran's mods was forced to step down, and they're essentially being forced to ban specific criticisms in their sub.

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And subs like TumblrInAction, who mocks a lot of minorities including black people and trans people, never got banned

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Everyone is equal, but some people are more equal than others!

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The fact that male people use the detrans sub is 100% the only reason it still exists right now.

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No, it's because they got a slight media backlash. Detransitioners can be seen as poor oppressed victims by both sides.

No one with power spoke up for GC.

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I think Buck Angel did, but you're right...again, I don't think we made a big enough reaction.

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I think it’s more that “when GC gets banned” was always going to be the time to get out of Dodge, because it would only happen if the rules were ignored by Admins so it would be a sign that Reddit was not a good place to be. And then the way it was done (with no warnings at all for years, just pulling the plug): we weren’t asking to go back up, because we were done. All that was left was to make sure people saw it for what it was, try and protect some of the more vulnerable groups (like detrans: cutting off contact to that community for some of the most vulnerable, even for a few days, could be really bad news), and rebuild elsewhere.

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Uh, yes.