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This is a great idea in theory, but somehow TRAs seem to have taken over literally every group except conservatives.

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Classical liberals (I know there aren't too many of them) want to sidestep the trans issue in favor of arguing that individuals should not lose civil liberties in consequence of the view they advance whether pro or against. It's that sort of liberal libertarian who opposes the treatment of women who advance radical feminist views.

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I think this is a great idea. I see this as a thought control and silencing issue. If we can't talk about our rights then our society is on shaky ground. I'm an American that has immigrated to the UK and I have to worry about breaking hate speech laws. My job wants me to publicly apologise for refusing to include transwomen in our government required reports of the number of women we employ and how much we pay them. My boss supports me privately but she's not going to mess with her impending retirement. Her boss has told me to apologise and state clearly that "Transwomen are Women!!!!" He also told me to change the data because it's only 2 people so what's the big deal. I'm not going to quit and they are not going to fire me because they know I'll make a big loud fuss. But I've already been excluded from meetings. I'm not going to grovel or lie or beg for forgiveness. I was doing really well until this and now I'm fucked.

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I'm so sorry for you, but you are truly a hero for continuing to vocalize your beliefs anyway. I think the more and more people stay quiet, the more the TRAs gain momentum for their power. Is there a source you could point me to for a quick overview on speech laws in the UK? I'm an American and what I can say about our first amendment is that it seems more expansive than it is. It protects the government (at both federal and state level) from controlling speech, for example, but not private institutions. So if a corporation or private university demanded you vocalize certain beliefs and prevented you from speaking/publishing if they didn't like your ideas you are not protected by the first amendment. So basically the right of a private institution to endorse its ideology of choice trumps your individual liberty, just not the government. This is why a baptist university, for example, can demand its faculty be baptist. It's a little more complicated than what I've said but this is basically how it works. How does it work in the UK?

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I think it’s worth a shot but I haven’t found many libertarians who are in favour of female emancipation. However, I would work on building such bridges if I were wrong.