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It's all horrible and the number one thing that makes me no longer want to be female.

Sadly, I think almost every man out there abuses women during sex. A recent poll found that nearly 70% of women admitted having men commit violence on their bodies during consensual sex.

Over two-thirds of men under 40 have slapped, choked, gagged or spat on partner during sex, BBC Scotland doc finds

Third of British women have experienced unwanted choking, slapping or spitting during sex

Notice the second article specifies "unwanted." Another 31% said they had also experienced it but that it wasn't unwanted. That means at least 69% of women are experiencing violent sex. Not to mention some of the other 31% who "didn't know" or "preferred not to say." How can you not know? I assume some of the women in this last category were too embarrassed to talk about it.

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I assume some of the women in this last category were too embarrassed to talk about it.

Or they watched porn too, so thought it is normal, but when it happened they were not sure why it is normal or how it is sexy or good.

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Exactly. Confused, uncomfortable, maybe embarrassed that they let it happen without speaking up.

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Not all men. I notice a significant difference in the last 10 years, following the availability of internet porn.

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Not all, but a lot. I have a male partner. I know for sure he has never done any of these things, but I would bet he's an outlier, especially among younger men.

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Maybe "not all men", but I refuse to date at this point. Wasted a decade of my life on a porn addict, and he was mild compared to what's "normal" today.

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The idea that women want to be humiliated and hurt in sex is a fairly old one, but it seems to become more prominent at certain times and then recede from sight. There was a time when articles actually asked what women liked in bed or talked about the female orgasm, but this is not one of those times. Rather, this is a time for women to be choked or slapped without consent, because that is what porn teaches.

Far too many men and boys (and women and girls) believe that what porn depicts includes female sexuality in all its forms, even though most porn is made for the masturbation needs of heterosexual men, and the women in it are props toward that end. It is a form of warped sex education, and I really fear for the generation of today's teenagers who get their ideas about the opposite sex from porn.

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The idea that women want to be humiliated and hurt in sex

I don't know about you, but when I am hurt and humiliated all I want is to do the same back, so if men don't want to be hurt and humiliated they'd better not do it to me.

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This is why heterosexual sex is not worth having.

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So true.

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I'm so pissed off by how some people see sex as degrading. Who does it benefit? Nobody, not even men. So why do we as a society still have that attitude?

I'm so used to seeing women degraded [in porn] and whenever I get with a new partner, their first thing they want to see is if I like being degraded.

If this keeps happening, why does she continue to sleep with these different guys?

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I think this whole trans thing is just more evidence that porn culture is being pushed into the mainstream. Men want to legally force women to submit to their porn-fueled fantasies.