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Agreed! This treachery entered in the late 1970s, and has never stopped. I believe it arose because some feminists were just not willing to challenge men on their embedded sexual systems. This was going too far. But many of these critics did so silently, and simply continued with their feminist work, which did not include mention of porn or prostitution. But to others it was an all-out dirty war, with no manner of attack being too vicious and since many were artsy media darlings they got way more coverage than did the targets of their attack... and they received full support from the ACLU and the LGB coalition.

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Second wave libfems were still radical enough to pull for changes, while current liberal feminists are not even feminists and they are defending men, working for trans laws, not asking for any changes for women, saying that women already living fine and only minor things can be adressed through social means, without changing laws or anything. So those neo-libfems are not even feminists at all, as my friend loves to say: "their 'feminism is for everyone' - is just some twisted form of communism and has nothing to do with women".

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I think some of them are under the impression that we hate the sex workers themselves rather than the actual sex work, when the entire point of this is that we want to protect them. For the most part, though, I think they just care more about getting off than human rights.

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I completely agree. Their moral analyses of prostitution are completely individualistic and focused on 'free choice'--they're blind to power, to systematic oppression, they refuse to analyse structures, and they prioritise negative freedom (not being prevented from doing what they want) over every other value. They welcome market values into every arena of life, including the female body. Because they're relatively privileged, they don't perceive being 'positioned' themselves by societal structures, so they have little interest in how those structures constrain others even more cruelly. They have utterly betrayed and abandoned other women and children. I am so angry at them.

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It’s because libfems are pro-capitalist

Trans Idpol makes capitalists lots of monies because of all the products you can market to them and because they require lifetime medical treatments for the transition and for its lifelong affects

Whereas the commodification and exchange of sex and human bodies is itself an industry and thus a direct fixture of capital; a highly profitable industry at that

By attacking the porn and prostitution industries you oppose people making lots of monies selling women

And the funny thing about libfems is

They oppose stopping people from making lots of monies far more than they oppose the exploitation and abuse of women

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I know a libfem who "hates capitalism", but she also believes prostitution and pornography are empowering and that everyone should be able to get hormone replacement therapy without a prescription. She has zero self-awareness.

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I’ve been criticized for not supporting the legalization of prostitution. Keep in mind, I’ve never had prostitution defended to me by anyone who has ever actually done sex work or expressed any interest whatsoever in doing so.

The assumption is that we hate women who perform sex work, for the same reason conservative right-wingers do: they’re s***s, nasty, doing a thing women aren’t supposed to do (sex).

In fact, we do not hate women who perform sex work. I would venture to say that we are deeply upset by the fact that where prostitution is illegal, it is by and large the prostitutes who face prosecution, whereas their clients and even their pimps get off scot-free.

I believe that prostitution should remain illegal, but that no woman should be prosecuted for it, because - get this, libfems: look inside yourselves. Just like you don’t want to sell your body for sex, no one else does, either. No woman becomes a prostitute because she wants to. Anyone who exploits a woman in that way deserves punishment, not the woman herself.

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Yep, the Nordic model is the only way to help women

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The worst is the "SWERF" thing. How is it "sex work exclusionary" to be in favor of helping women that are overwhelmingly the victims of human trafficking, rape and coercion? Is the social worker that helps a battered woman flee an abusive husband "wife exclusionary"?