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Nah. There shouldn’t be any rules in place banning trans content. This seems like a TRA trying to get their foot in the door.

NO COMPROMISE. I will post something about trans every Thursday.

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This is bringing back unpleasant memories of Roman Catholic meatless Fridays prior to Vatican II. When kids raised RC in the US were force fed faux hot dogs known as "tuna links." Yes, they were as gross as they sound, LOL.

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I mean it's possible but I think it's more likely to be non-radfem gender criticals posting these things. Gender critical and radfem don't always go hand in hand.

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I mean, feel free to post whatever you want that's relevant but since we were kicked off Reddit for those posts it makes sense we need a place for them? Seems silly to make more rules doesn't it? You can still talk about other stuff here and there and everywhere 😂

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Trans-free Tuesday has better alliteration lol.

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We save Tuesday for Tacos! They cant take that either hahaha

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Exactly, if we make Tuesday the women-only day, it would still be Taco Tuesday! Wouldn't even have to change the name!

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*insert crying laugh emoji cause this is so true!

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Lord Mordy! XD

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No, it wouldn't. It would be detrimental to try to steer the discussion. People are free to post non-trans related content whenever. If people are interested in discussing that content it will get visible. I don't think we need a rule specifically for it. Plus there are plenty of other venues for those who wish to discuss non-trans related issues. I feel like this suggestion is an attempt to control the disucssion.

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Other subs can be created to address other important issues. Gender Critical should be used to address the malignant and metastasising problems created by the trans ideology

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This is a good idea, it would be nice to read non-trans related feminism.

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Hear, hear! I know that right now the hot button issue is gender identity but I'd like to see more discussion on the topics of sex roles (AKA gender roles), sex stereotypes, and other parts of gender critical feminism.

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I sympathize but maybe a better solution is for you to make posts about those topics then, instead of trying to control what other people post

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I think this is the correct view. I want to as much discussion as possible going on. Policing topics isn't the right answer.

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I'm not saying that the current posts should go away. When posts like the ones I referred to are made they tend to get less attention. I just think we could benefit from a single day out of the week that brings more focus to other issues. That's not the same as policing.

I don't mind what mods decide either way.

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Have you considered why those other topics tend to not garner attention? It isn't hyperbolic in the least to say that transgenderism threatens the entirety of women's rights in a way that no other form of misogyny does.

And agreeing with the other posters x1000. Personally I am suspicious. First a huge group of facist fanatics worked their tail off to get us banned from reddit, then they were angry that we didn't just disappear but regrouped over here instead. Of course some of them are going to come over here, pretend to be gc, and then ask if we could "tone it down" and "be nicer". And most of all "stop talking about trans".

ya sorry, anybody who asks for gc to stop talking about trans... Your motivation is tainted and always will be.

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I know that the banwave has made us more paranoid but you're reaching here. It would be one thing if people were like "stop talking about trans issues completely" like that one topic that was posted recently, yet this one is a mere suggestion about a single day of the week that focuses on something else. Some of the comments here ping me as suspicious. But the idea, on it's own, of having a Trans Free Tuesday or whatever is not because so many subs have something like that.

If you're going to accuse me of being a fake at least do some due dilligence and actually look at my post history. I'm sick of trans dogma policing women and homosexuals and I don't need a random stranger on the internet trying to insinuate otherwise.

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well sorry, but you came across as a liberal feminist and i'm not too impressed with that ideology.

. It would be one thing if people were like "stop talking about trans issues completely

Libfems are a bit more subtle. They usually say "gosh can we tone it down just a little, can we talk about something else for five minutes". If you want to talk about something else then literally no one is preventing you. It is seriously disingenuous of you to pull the same old excuse that we've all heard a million times.

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I think this sub is pretty monothematic right now because all the users are pretty salty for the ban. I guess it will get back to normal over time.

Meanwhile, why don't you start first with a different topic?

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After all that happened on Reddit you're trying to control content pushing Trans-free days? For real?

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They don't hate feminism only because of our stance on transgenderism.

Is this a feminist sub or an anti-TRA sub?

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This is a gender critical sub, it is feminist and opposed to TR activism. See the explanation at the top of the page.

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it's an anti TRA sub. Modern feminism is pro trans.

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We are a anti-TRA sub. Unapologetically.

We are also "modern feminism." If we're not your cup of T why are you here?

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not your cup of T

LMAO That is priceless. And on a side note, that we are a unapologetic anti-TRA sub is spot on

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Feminism is no longer about women's liberation; it is now a men's movement. I don't support the modern/mainstream feminist movement. I support the movement for Women's liberation. This may just be a disagreement about terminology, rather than beliefs, but personally I feel it is important to separate from the mainstream feminism because it has made a name for itself as a very specific thing.

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So you are letting them to claim our feminism and fleeing to a corner? Isn't that what they want?

I am feminist, and they - aren't, whatever they are saying. They are saying now "lesbian is who love dicks", so what - I should start calling myself "female-lover" and not lesbian now? I can't let them take everything from me. No, it is not the time for women to go backwards. Backwards is only abyss, to survive and not be grinded into "non-trans" category, there is only one way - forward.

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I'm referring to radical feminism, not liberal feminism.

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I don't know if you were on r/GC back in the day, but it morphed into a anti-TRA over the last couple years, with fewer discussions on women's oppression and a sole focus on transgenderism. I think there's an evolution of radical feminism happening - the users driving it seemed to overlap with the FDS, PPF subs - where the idea that radical feminism meant female separatism. It was getting tied to radical feminism in the radfemtheory sub that popped up at the end. Ideas like male babies should be aborted, Gail Dines wasn't a feminist because she was married and had a son (with no comment on Dworkin being married to a man), and biological essentialism being centered (men are inherent rapists - with no reflection on what that men women are inherently). I hoped the move here might revert things back to women looking to discuss material reality and class analysis, with less of the underlying racism (intersectionality is wrong). I was wrong and am done here too.

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There is reason for that. It is because TRA is now a huge point of oppression on women. It is because TRA are trying to legislatively remove sex, so laws that are protecting based on sex - would either blend or dissapear. It is because Rape Crisis Centers are being defunded by TRA. It is because shelters and other women-only spaces are being infiltrated by self-ID law abusers. It is because language is being changed to make the whole idea of "sexism" dissappear. It is because young girls have 4000% increase rate on "change gender" therapies, ruining their bodies from the very young age, just because it is not comfortable to live as a women in this society. And I am not even talking about lesbian problems with TRA. So should we just ignore this, or what? It is huge problem and should be adressed.

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No kind of real feminism is "pro-trans".

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I support this!

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Yes please!

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Things will settle down eventually, but....y'know like 100+ k of followers plus more lurkers have been booted from Reddit. So people are mad.

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What else would we discuss in Gender Critical then?

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That kinda goes against sadits frontpage listing terms

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We're not on /all and admins have said we're in accordance with their rules.

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Ah, well if you are already not than okay.

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