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You can never live in harmony with a person with mental issues who refuses treatment. NEVER.

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Possibly if there were no internet to spread the craze? Only if the whole Western world has an Emperor Has No Clothes moment and stops playing along, then can we resume normal life. Putting children on puberty blockers is on a par with lobotomies and should be outlawed. Do we see our lawmakers taking action? No. Instead they are pushing for more legislation to erase women, and using Orwellian names for it like "Equality Act" -- We can start by removing all these politicians who so happily throw women under the bus.

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I do think it's possible, but with the way people are behaving these days imposing their will on others I don't think it's very likely to actually happen. This sort of thing requires some mutual respect, empathy, understanding.

This is especially important when it comes to our spaces, I think. Maybe this could be solved by having multiple spaces available. A female space, a male space, a neutral space, a transgender space. More, if that's what it takes to have some peace. Of course this wouldn't be possible everywhere and anytime, but I think this would at least be an improvement over the current situation.

Some decent rules and at least some gatekeeping seem necessary to me as well. Now anyone can just "identify" into any group for any reason, which is bad for both us AND trans people. This would theoretically be the easiest problem to tackle since we should be on the same side on this, but with the current "all gatekeeping and exclusivity is automatically bad!" this has also become a difficult task.

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I think a compromise is not the right solution. It would be much better if people are allowed to wear whatever they want but no changing of pronouns and other craziness. Also, gender disphoria needs to be treated mostly through therapy and hormones and surgery should only be considered in the most extreme circumstances and only afterward there is solid evidence that they bring actual health benefits. The evidence seems scarce so far.

I emphasize with people with mental illness. But the solution is not to pump them full of hormones.

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Frankly I think if the trans community wanted to cooperate with us they would have done so already. They won't cooperate or acquiesce to some common sense rules until they are forced to by law.

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No. Transwomen hate women, and their fringe leadership believes in supporting terrorism against women. I can't co-habitate with terrorists. They also want to groom our children into their perverted lifestyle and belief system. They have Big Corporate on their side. They want to annihilate women's rights as well as our parental rights to our own children. Absolutely NO.

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No. The "trans community" right now is supermajority misogynist fetishists and majority rape advocates.

We can live in harmony with peaceful body modification enthusiasts whose only demand is not to ban the drugs and procedures they use.

  • No changing sex.
  • No transing children.
  • Out of pocket only.
  • Not a protected category.
  • Where applicable, transing out is a fault for the purposes of divorce.

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Of course it's possible. What's going to be necessary is to have patient, rational and kind dialogue with people on every side of the issue and to keep up that attitude in communication with people who don't know much about the issue. Rowling is a really good ambassador for this, and she's affected a lot of people in terms of getting them curious to read up on the subject. She was not cruel in her approach. If I had encountered some people just insulting trans people that would not have made me curious, on the other hand.

I think what may be needed are some of the following - more trans/gender neutral spaces available in public spaces in addition to single sex spaces (nothing wrong with more bathrooms, more shelters, etc.), I saw this on Twitter somewhere but having sports be "Women's" or "Open." Allow transwomen to participate in "Open" categories. Maybe it won't seem strictly "fair" to them but on balance it is more fair than taking women's spaces. I think a majority of Americans would agree with this policy. Puberty blockers - I think it's going to require education on these issues and organized activism directed towards politicians. Getting money out of politics would go a long way towards eliminating any influence from the pharmaceutical corporations. There's not much to do about whether people label someone a bigot or not. The best thing to do there is to be solid and comfortable in your experience of your own sexuality and to mentor youths in your life to also be comfortable saying "no" and not feeling the need to give reasons or justify that choice. The more we can advocate for the concepts of consent and bodily autonomy to young people, the better.

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What's going to be necessary is to have patient, rational and kind dialogue with people on every side of the issue and to keep up that attitude in communication with people who don't know much about the issue.

The powerful and most outspoken within their activist group will NOT compromise with women. They want our rights erased. They want our organs. They want our children. They want us to lose all our rights, economic opportunities, academic positions. They will never capitulate until we are ground into the dust. They hate women. Their brainwashed minions will march in lockstep with them. I don't trust them. Never will, ever AGAIN.

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Fuck yeah!

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having sports be "Women's" or "Open." Allow transwomen to participate in "Open" categories.

That's already how it is. There is NO rule that says only men can play in the NFL NBA MLB etc. It's just that biological women are, in effect, kept out of those leagues because we can't physically compete against men. There's one woman on the registration list for the MLB, meaning she can get signed by a team if they want her. The NFL isn't gonna turn away a transwoman if they think he's a good player and can make them some money. Hell, maybe a team should draft the first ever transwoman fb player to get the wokesters in the stands!

Otherwise agreed about "more spaces."

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Short answer: yes.

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