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Sometimes I think the transgender community is more misogynistic than heavily Christian communities. At least Christians don't call female reproductive organs "inner organs" or women and girls have the right to female-only spaces.

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There are important differences.

First, there are very few if any religions which find the existence of anyone who doesn't believe integrally offensive to them. Even medieval Christians tolerated the existence of Jewish people (between pogroms). Even fucking ISIS didn't forcibly convert Christians when they took over towns. However, transgenders do. Anyone who doesn't believe and say the pronouns is the enemy. So transgender people are less tolerant than any current religion in the world, and intolerant on a par with the worst of medieval Christianity.

Second, transgenders are the most misogynistic group of people in human history, and it's not close. The Taliban have more respect for the existence of women as an ontological category than transgenders do. So does ISIS. Transgenders are the only group of people who are not just anti-feminist, but against the notion of even having language to describe feminism.

So there is a solid case to be made for transgenders being the least tolerant and most misogynist people, ever.

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Good points. And I hate to say anything to praise them, but even people at the Westboro church are happy to talk to their enemies like normal people. Most people don't know this, but they let journalists and religious studies professors come around to hang out and talk and debate and interview them, and they're polite during these interactions. It's part of why their kids keep leaving the church: their kids are allowed to see these other points of view.

There are some "enemies" with whom they have had respectful relationships for years and are apparently actually fond of.

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I believe it's a combination of a totalitarian world view and power.

For groups that are as illiberal as fundamentalists and transgender activists, free speech is just a tactic to propagate themselves if they're out of power, to be discarded as soon as they get the upper hand. The Nazis used free speech to defend themselves until they gained power, and then it was lights out on their enemies.

If every university, corporation, state government, etc supported Westboro, I've got no doubt they'd be as bad as the TRAs.

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That's an important point. Yeah, you're probably right.

Fortunately that won't happen since they don't seem to want anyone who isn't part of their family/hasn't married into their family to actually join their church.

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They are more comparable to Pol Pot and other extreme Maoists. They do not view ideological enemies as worthy of "saving" simply as impediments to "progress" who must be silenced as part of the permanent revolution. Yes, most of them haven't literally killed anyone but I have no doubt that your average TRA would if they thought they could get away with it. It's a horrid ideology and yes, while religions have plenty of misogynistic parts only trans ideology is entirely predicated on misogynistic ideas. Especially autogynephilia.

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And in turn Pol Pot got many of his ideas - from erasing history and declaring a new "year zero" to his/the Khmer Rouge belief that a virtuous society could only be made out out of a campaign terror and mass murder - from Robespierre and the French revolution. It's not an accident that Cambodia was colonized by the French, or that Pol Pot got his education and spent his early adulthood in Paris.

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Good comparison. There is a weird nexus between extreme leftist politics and transgenderism, as all the transgenders in antifa show. And since we seem to be in a rerun of 1968 the left in the US have quite a relevant history of violence. The number of people murdered by a very small population of transgenders is also alarmingly large. Walter Miller and Dana Rivers were both MtF murderers of women, and the Zodiac Killer and Ed Gein were both obviously AGP among others. There have also been several spree killings by FtMs. With the violent anti-feminist rhetoric on Twitter spiralling into new heights of paranoia and hatred I'm worried it's just a matter of time before someone from the uwu brigade tries to massacre women like the dangerous mentally ill incels they are.

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You're absolutely right. I used to be big into reading true crime and the amount of killers that were obvious AGP and started with shit like stealing panties to wear (to the point where FBI profilers would lecture local cops to take it seriously when they found a teenaged boy doing that) is uncanny.

It's also true that they whole far left is infected with this "ironic" violent rhetoric and it is making moderates and centrists very uncomfortable which is only going to help Trump get in again I'm afraid.

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Very eye-opening; thanks for your comment!

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There are many cases of religious minorities being murdered for their beliefs. I would list all the cases but do not want to stoke intolerance. TRAs are, as far as I know, not yet murdering any one. No need to gild the lily.

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Absolutely. James Lindsay goes on about this frequently. It's adherence to dogma, and we the GC are heretics who must burn for our sins.

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Gender dysphoria was always bullshit, though. It's a condition that psychiatrists made up because they were sick of hyper-macho AGPs memorizing the criteria for the diagnosis of transsexualism and pretending to be "classic" homosexual transsexuals.

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Transgender used to be all about gender dysphoria

Actually, the trans phenomenon and movement predated the invention and widespread use of the term "gender dysphoria" by many decades. Previously, it was called "gender identity disorder." It was only in 2012 that the DSM eliminated GID as a syndrome and diagnosis and replaced it with "gender dysphoria."

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I have a hard time acknowledging that "gender dysphoria" is real in the sense that there is no "self" that is inhabiting the "wrong body." I understand that people can experience intense discomfort with their bodies and pine for something so completely different to the point that they take drastic measures to alter their bodies. I suppose you could call this feeling "dysphoria", but it's not based in any reality. Someone who thinks they are literally born in the wrong body is practicing some kind of spirituality or religion. Even in some spiritual practices theres often talk of there being "no self". So, like, was the little Jessica soul looking down from heaven, and then jumped onto the slip-n-slide to little baby Jessica's body, hit a seagull on the way and then whoops! Landed in a Johnathan! Of course no one but the people talking to their furry headmates on tumblr would agree that this is what they literally believe, but I don't understand how one can otherwise claim that there's wrong bodies and wrong selves mismatched together.

It's dogma. It's a cute little platitude that makes open minded people feel sorry for them.

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Freedom of religion includes freedom from religion. Gender identity is entirely subjective, not falsifiable, and thus shares many characteristics with religion. To coexist in a secular society, religious adherents must accept that their faith is not shared by all.

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The comparison to religion makes perfect sense because:

Original Christianity was:

  • be the underdog, be humble
  • drop earthly riches
  • love others and have mercy even when people disagree with you
  • use critical thinking, prove things and question why

See how things got inverted in modern times?

With feminism and the rainbow flag community(what do we even call it now?)

You are seeing the same flipping that happened years ago to Christianity:

  • From nowhere, leaders emerge who have the exact opposite of the original intent
  • Those leaders create a cloud of confusion around an individual's thoughts
  • Those leaders redefine and denounce alternative views to politely silence "the bad people"
  • People now blindly follow 1 popular view without questioning.

This process is called total corruption, all humans are vulnerable.

Most of us got tricked into doing the wrong thing, convinced that it was the right thing.

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The trans community operates like a religion. It always shocks me how many atheists are right on board and never question the trans community ideology while being a skeptic about other things. The irony in that is enough to make your head spin. I guess even logical people can have blind spots.