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Joe has been skeptical of the consequences of transgenderism for a very long time, he was a big-time voice for the Fallon Fox situation years ago (transwoman did not disclose before multiple mma fights and absolutely pummled 3 women before her actual gender was found, one was woman's face fractured) and took a lot of heat for pointing out the realities of the situation. A man beating the fuck out of women.

This podcast is going to peak a fuck ton of people and I'm watching and waiting for the shit storm to unfold on Reddit. Solid discussion going on currently in the r/jre episode thread. I will be very shocked if the admins don't pull the plug on that thread soon.

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The questions he asks show that he's completely aware of GC ideology. He could have farmed those questions from this place. They both know exactly what they are doing. Very happy to see it.

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I would urge people to give Joe Rogan a chance. He's great at holding a conversation and allowing his guests to express their point of view without pigeonholing them into a soundbite, whether he's on board with what they're saying or not. As a sports fan, I'm grateful he's come right out with the radical notion that men cannot become women, no matter how many hormones they guzzle, and to have them compete alongside women is a flat-out cheat. I feel like mainstream sports media and marketing tries to toe this line of traditionally ultramasculine and aggressively woke, which always seems to leave actual, honest-to-god women out.

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I don't like him, nor do I like Jordan Peterson, but I'd be interested to see what happens once the Reddit mods nuke the subs dedicated to them. Bizarre circumstances like these make strange allies.

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I love Joe Rogan. I am a radfem but I am also really anti-PC, so I am a huge fan of people like him, Howard Stern, etc.

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He needs to have Megan Murphy on!

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Listening to it now. Can’t wait to see r/joerogan banned/brigaded once they discuss the episode there and anywhere else on the site. /s

Gonna peak a lot of people!

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I could only watch about a quarter of this and not only because of the length but also because of a sense of tension & discomfort... not only between Rogan and Shrirer but between them and the T looming all about them. I mean how many times do you have to excuse yourself for your critique, and pledge your love for trans women. Not only did Shrirer premise all her remarks with this openness of heart for adult TiMs but a few minutes into it had to talk back herself after saying that it’s the adult trans women who are manipulating the youth... oh but only the political ones, not the ones she presumably still loves.

But Rogan himself is such a disturbing inconsistent mix of right and left, of racism and anti-racism, of sexism and anti-sexism, it’s almost impossible, even for someone as amenable (and I assume mostly liberal) and precise as Shrirer, to run his course for like 90 minutes. As important as this, and as important as the fallout might be, I couldn’t really tough it out.

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They get pretty honest later on in the video. Honestly I was shocked at how they were openly referring to MTF middle aged perverts as men, it felt so sanity restoring! I'm so used to holding my tongue and forcing myself to say "she", or seeing them referred to as "women" in the news...

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They get pretty honest later on in the video. Honestly I was shocked at how they were openly referring to MTF middle aged perverts as men, it felt so sanity restoring! I'm so used to holding my tongue and forcing myself to say "she", or seeing them referred to as "women" in the news...

Yeah, definitely liberating to hear that.

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No kidding? I watched the JRE clips on Youtube, none of that was in there. I'm gonna check that out.

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I felt exactly the same but I stuck with it, the conversation opens up significantly around 45 mins in. They stop dancing around the elephant.

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I felt exactly the same but I stuck with it, the conversation opens up significantly around 45 mins in. They stop dancing around the elephant.

That's good news! Maybe I'll return to it soon.

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Shrier is by no means as staunchly gender critical as most of us are. She only got into this debate because she noticed the large number of young girls transitioning.

But I'm sure that a lot of it has to do with making sure that she's seen as "fair and balanced," giving "both sides equal time," and all that other nonsense that's frankly unnecessary at this point. There has never been an interest in a "fair and balanced" debate from the TRA side, so why should we be interested in giving them one?

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Yeah, that's like scientists giving creationists equal time. One side is a delusion/lie, the other side has facts.

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Dang. Never though Joe Rogan would have her on!

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A lot of people are peaking on there already.

Some had no idea about this.

The upvote to downvote ratio on comments is telling.

I'm sure the genderclueless members will brigade in no time though.

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So happy to see this! I don't personally like Joe Rogan but he has reach and he has her on. I'm all for this episode. Glad to see more people peaking!!

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Oh man, the TRAs have already brigaded r/joerogan over this. The comments are a rollercoaster, but also really interesting. Quite a few of what we might consider the more typical "dude bros" are pretty defensive of the GC position and even GC feminists. We see you, bros, and thank you for the support!

Then the TRAs arrived, and some might just be regular old MRAs (who can tell the difference?).

One of my favorite exchanges focused on the deleted GC sub:

Overall, though, the TRA line is mostly getting downvoted to oblivion over there, which is heartening. Look out, r/joerogan, you're likely next on the list for not capitulating to the New Speak.

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Hasn't Joe Rogan already been deemed transphobic? I remember it caused a giant uproar when Bernie Sanders dared to accept his endorsement because Joe Rogan is "transphobic"

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jUsT tRusT tHe DoCTorS!

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AHS has already been eyeballing that sub to nuke.

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This is unequivocally a good thing, massive new audience hearing this.

Joe is much maligned by some, but view his output as more of a long form interview equivalent of someone like Louis Theroux and it’ll make more sense.

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I'm glad to see someone catching up normie men on these issues. It was very cringe that Shrier made a the point about people trolling Lana del Rey and Joe could not rest until he determined for himself if she was fat or not. Thanks, Joe, now that's settled.

Otherwise the conversation was good. I like that he asks the obvious questions about mental health issues in these poor girls and just came out and said, there's lawsuits coming. Yeah there are.

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Joe Rogan is interesting to me because I can't quite figure out who his target audience is. Maybe that's why he's so popular. Either way this will definitely get a lot more attention to this issue. Joe Rogan had had Buck Angel on before too.

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I think in order to interview that many different people he has to be a bit of a chameleon.

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He says he only wants to have on guests who he's interested in talking to. Plus, these are lengthy, free-form conversations rather than debates or standard "interviews". So, his target audience is himself.
I'm very glad that he's interested in this topic.
And I'm also glad that Abigail Shrier told him that "terf" is not something we call ourselves. He's used that term on other episodes and even explains what he thinks it means to people, and he's had no idea that it is offensive.

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This is awesome. Joe has a huge audience, and even if they aren't our target audience, it'll get them thinking and saying things which will hopefully influence the people around them. Tbh I like the way he interviews people, he seems to actually listen and engage. Come on Joe, lets fucking go. Megan Murphey on his show would be so good.

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i was listening to this and came here to see what you guys were saying about it. i am a little disappointed in your comment about men not carrying much about this issue. many men do care about this because they have wives, girlfriends, mothers, daughters, sisters, nieces etc. and they want to protect them from many of the negative effects of this stuff, and many men have been critical of these things from the start, so please don't perpetuate the idea that you are the only ones fighting this and that men are fine with what is happening and dont care about women. it would be a mistake to discount and exclude this massive population of people (men) that are on your side.

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I for one do not discount this, I think it's more that this doesn't affect men as much as it affects women. So naturally they don't care as much. Not that they don't care at all, just that they don't care as much. They also may just not "get" the real issues.

I was talking to my husband about this yesterday and he asked why women hate being called a "uterus haver". It's because we're constantly reduced to our sexual characteristics. It's demeaning and sexist and just utterly horrible. I asked him whether he would care about being called a "penis haver", to try to get him to empathise, and he just didn't see a problem with it. Who cares? While I deeply loathe being reduced to my sexual organs. Dehumanised, like women frequently are.

That's all. I welcome male allies, like in the now-defunct gendercriticalguys.

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Uh huh.

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Lol. The above troll just posted a rant against us “you people”.

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LOl. I LOVE most of the top replies on youtube!

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what are some of your favorites?