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Narcissists always rage when someone sets a boundary. It's always taken as a "punishment". But when you're trans and do it, you can do nothing wrong...which just reinforces the narcissism

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    Which is apparently the highest form of oppression one can face--not getting laid.

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    This really pisses me off. Like, help the homeless. Combat income inequality. Volunteer with make a wish. Instead, far too many men waste their entire lives bitching about sex and how victimized they feel when they can't get it. It's pathetic and selfish.

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    I love the whining about men’s mental health service access. They complain about it as if it’s our fault.

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    Part of the problem is the norm in our society is to look down on women and reinforce gender roles. So I wonder if men hate women because they resent their mothers for raising them in these masculine stereotypes they didn't want. Idk.

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    One of the trans power mods posted on raised by narcissists. Kiwi farms had screenshots of the posts. He was writing about wearing his dead mothers bras after she died... it was bizarre.

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    Men and transwomen to lesbians.....but "they're women"