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This is why they want to silence women, they know the vast majority of people would think that their arguments and beliefs are mad. I think they aware their beliefs are detached from reality, it's why they try to silence people and stop arguments. 99% of the world's population doesn't go around using terms like terf, cis, uterus havers. While they might have won small battles of silencing women, they are trying to get the whole world to play make believe and pretend reality doesn't exist - they are delusional and are facing a losing battle. Eventually reality and common sense will win, but the damage these men will do to women, children and LGB people is unforgivable.

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99% of the world's population doesn't go around using terms like terf, cis, uterus havers.

The other morning my husband is getting into a Facebook argument with someone debating his medical credentials (note: he is a practicing physician) and he asks me, "What the hell does pansexual demigender mean?!" I told him it meant the person in question was an attention-seeking special snowflake and to not even bother continuing to try to talk sense to them.

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Yea there’s nothing your husband could say that would convince that person of any reason but at the same time, asking them reasonable questions or just responding to them like a reasonable person tends to plant the seeds of doubt in trans ideology in the bystanders who see one side acting unhinged and trying to force a completely inconsistent ideology on the one side and a reasonable human being who is actually contributing to society on the other side.

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In the blue corner we have Dr. throwawayanylogic. He graduated from medical school, completed his residency, and now treats patients as a licensed physician.

And in the red corner we have Mx. Pansexual Demigender! Xe is a master of wearing a wig and jerking off into women's underwear!


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my hospital has recently decided all care providers must have pronoun pins on their lanyards, and I had a doctor come in who apparently was a "they/them". she was fine at being a doctor, but I just couldn't take her seriously. the girl went to brown for chrissakes. you'd think she'd be aware of biological reality.

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She sounds.... odd. I’m sure some patients WILL be put off by that.

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I certainly would be.

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I'm dying; have to show this comment to the good Dr. throwawayanylogic in the morning.

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“Hello! I’m Doctoress Queen-She-Ra-Woman Smith! How may I help you today, Zur, Zoo, Zazz, Miss, Sir, Ma’am, He, She, It, Der, Die, Das, %symbol%...?@

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So i googled pansexual demigender because i like to understand things.

So far, what i gather it means is they are bisexual with a bucket of selfrighteousness and live their life like a normal man except on a saturday in the club while wearing a pink tutu. Because god forbid you just wear what you like and get on with your bloody life.

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Sounds like word salad for “I’m a pedo.”

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They also know WE are the obstacles that will prevent these MEN from having unfettered access to children.

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Sometimes I check the comment sections of Riley Dennis videos just as a sanity check. Most people are really not a fan of the stuff when it's laid out to them.

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It's funny they bring up the UK and JKR's twitter - I read a stat the other day saying only 1 in 5 people in the UK are even on Twitter and only 1 in 10 post. We talk about the filter bubble, but I really don't think TRA realize how much in a bubble ideologically they are. Overwhelmingly, their blind support comes from kids raised with this ideology, but if it gets off censored social media sites into public debate, the majority of people were not raised to believe there are 31 genders (legally recognized, as per NYC) who will question and reject their claims, who will clearly understand this to be a belief system or mental illness.

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Exactly this! The more this hits the mainstream everyone will wonder what the fuss was about to begin with. Then perhaps they'll question why people are transitioning kids who are as young as 4.

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The problem is the public has no idea they are trying to gut Title IX. No idea at all.

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The 31 genders:





Femme Queen



Gender Bender








Trans Person







Third Sex

Gender Fluid

Non-Binary Transgender



Gender Bender


Person of Transgender Experience


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Please note that these are not legally recognised genders, per se. I looked this up and the assertion that they are appears to be bad reporting. See this page:

NYC recognises 3 genders on birth certificates (M, F, and X for nonbinary).

The list here of "31 genders" is a guideline given on descriptors people may use when referring to their gender expression. It's tied in with anti-discrimination legislation based on gender identity and expression, but it doesn't mean these terms listed here are legally recognised as genders. This is why the list reads really weirdly and has repeating statements like "Female-to-Male" and "FTM". Trans people also don't describe their gender, specifically, using terms like "FTM" to begin with so you can see how this is a false narrative.

The real list of Tumblr genders that enbies can fall into is waaaay more out there.

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NYC recognises 3 genders on birth certificates (M, F, and X for nonbinary).

What the actual fuck. Medical professionals should be clearly stating the sex of the neonate for the purposes of the child's future healthcare.

And the fact that you can just choose the sex of your baby at birth against available evidence is batshit insane, and HAS raised some very fucked up children who struggle with mental health issues for life.

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ha, please please would a woman who has just given birth PLEASE argue with the medical staff that they'd like a different sex on the birth certificate?

So, if you give birth to a boy, insist that the doctor or midwife has "obviously assigned the gender wrong, see, my child clearly prefers the pink blanket so is obviously a girl". Just terf them right to the top of terf mountain.

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This seemed pretty legit to me.

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It is legit, in the sense that it is a leaflet published in 2015 by the NYC Commission on Human Rights. The descriptors listed are likely meant as a guide on terms commonly used when people refer to their gender identity or expression. We can infer this as the first page of the card specifically highlights gender ID and expression. That does not mean each of these descriptors are, individually, legally recognised genders. There is a difference. The page I linked goes into further detail about this leaflet.

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ugh. I didn't realize 31 were legally recognized in NYC. I've always wanted to go to Columbia/Barnard, but they're both TRA breeding grounds so I'm not sure if I could feel at home there.

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Wait, is the 31 genders being legally recognized thing real?

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No it isn't, it's bad reporting. See my other comment in this thread or take a look at:

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The NY transplants I’ve spoken to think it’s a joke.

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This is where I got it.

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i am not doubting that you read such a statistic, but i am doubtful that one in five people have a twitter account. The only people that i know who have an account there, are young adults (ie students). anecdotal for sure but my experience is probably not too far from the norm...

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In the Uk, the population is 63m and 13m on twitter. I don't remember the article that had the info and specifically said only 1 in 10 actually post, though (I read too many articles these days).

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And those of us raised in it, like me who spent my teenage years on tumblr and just graduated from a small liberal arts college, are very capable of waking up to how dumb this all is!

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When your arguments are so bad that you know they wouldn't hold the public discussion...

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I just hope the idiotic banwave triggers a Streisand Effect.

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Thinking the same thing. This will end badly for them.

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That's why they say #nodebate. lmao. If you can't debate your opinion, you know it's made of the thinest ice. If not, your argument could only become stronger by being debated.

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I wonder why lots of people would side with this?

Logic? Truth? Womens rights?....who knows...

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I'm torn on this. I want to be optimistic and agree as I don't think most people actually believe transwomen are women but I think there is still a lot of misogyny out there. There is enough information about the "TERF" position out there that people could at least look into it more but many men seem happy to just hate on JK Rowling or other women while hiding behind wokeness and protecting a "vulnerable minority". I am so disgusted with how most left-wing men react to this issue.

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I think most left-wing men know TWAW is horseshit but hold their tongues on this issue so they don't have to deal with men with undiagnosed personality disorders screeching at them in their social media accounts.

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worse than that I think, they want an excuse to hate on feminists while being perceived on the left and they like trans ideology because they like the idea that they have the option of opting out of male privilege. I think there's a strategic element to TRAs fighting to remove all actual medical criteria of dysphoria from transness and making it totally possible to self-ID as one of the "most oppressed women"

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Men know this hurts women, and they like it. Trans activism has been a boon to MRAs and male misogynists everywhere.

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Men know this hurts women, and they like it

This is the truth most women don't want to face. They think if they just explan for the millionth time why we don't want men in women's spaces these men will finally understand and leave us alone. The fact that it hurts women is the reason they do it. They enjoy it. They get a sadistic pleasure out of putting women in their place and showing them who's the boss just like men have been doing for thousands of years.

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I agree with you. There's an element of denial within radical feminism that is highly frustrating. It's the same non logic which says socialization is the root cause of sexism -- as if men have no actual motivation to exploit women.

Lemmee see... "without socialization men would not want women to provide them with sex, baby making, dirty sock picker upper, emotional labor, etc etc". while the socialization theory may make feminists feel better, it doesn't make any sense.

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And somehow all men all across the globe and human history are socialized to act the same way. Even cultures that have never had contact with each other, they all beat their wives, rape women and use their daughters as trade chips to form alliences with other men.

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I really wonder what their reaction would be if they were treated like lesbians and told they need to experience the 'mouth feel' of a feminine penis. Like i'm actually not sure how they'd react. Maybe they'd say they would but then never actually follow through.

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Can't really blame anyone for toeing the new line these days. So many stories of people losing their jobs, getting harassed and smeared online. That's two HUGE aspects of life by today's standards and without them you're fucked. If the movement has enough power and clout, and also blind faith from many many people in the public, anyone who would otherwise speak up just don't. I really fear that this new movement has become too powerful and is on a path too destructive to even alter.

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I don't blame the ones who just go along out of fear but many seem to enjoy harassing and threatening women and virtue signaling about how much they support "trans rights" which is usually just a dog-whistle for taking sex-based protections away. The big difference between just not speaking up and going out of your way to support misogyny and anti-feminism.

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Yeah, I really do feel some dudes have been very eager to jump on this woman-bashing bandwagon, or at least markedly reluctant to oppose it. As I say to any I encounter, you haven't got skin in the game, mate.

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I see quite a lot of women also doing this, not just men.

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It’s pretty bizarre seeing how Tumblr has become one of the only social networks that doesn’t ban people for sociopolitical opinions considering 8 or so years ago it was the only place most of the social justice stuff now being parroted in the mainstream media was being widely expressed. I still have one and it’s pretty chill now, or at least can be if you don’t follow people who post about politics as it doesn’t force posts from people you don’t follow on you like other social media. I think most of the crazies left for Twitter.

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Just a few months ago, I didn't even know what that slur referred to, except everyone I was exposed to online said they know what they said. Imagine my shock when I actually started reading what people had to say in criticism! Of course everyone agrees, it's why they were so quick to immediately denounce JKR without even reading her essay. I didn't go through a lifetime of facing misogyny to be told to sit down and shut up.

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Same. As soon as I read what TERFs were saying I realized they were just a bunch of sane women lol.

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I never said anything about transactivism until NOW. NOW I tell women I know about what happened on Reddit. They're disgusted and appalled-- and I live in a "liberal" area.

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Yep, same. This and the situation with JK Rowling are making this something we can have discussions about. "Hey, did you see what happened with Reddit/JK Rowling?" and honestly just listening to people's hot takes is fascinating.

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What exactly do you say to them about what happened on Reddit? Trying to figure out how to talk to people about this.

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I was in an online community where women had discussion boards about all sorts of things including PCOS. Transwomen mods came in and banned people, banned subs, when people didn’t comply to ridiculous pronoun rules. Same rules were not applied to male subs and posters in the same fashion.

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If people listened to TERFs they would think that they’re right! That is why we must silence them!

Really makes you think, don’t it? 🤔

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"If your voice held no power, they wouldn't try to silence you."

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I want to print that and frame it.

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They cannot stop us. LOL

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Don't these idiots ever stop to think that if they don't accept the very reasonable boundaries we put up for them, they're going to run into a REAL backlash from actual right wingers who are actually violent?

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I don't think people who believe that men can literally become female have much reason and logic and room for thinking in their brains.

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This is why they only ever go after "TERFs" and not right wingers, religious leaders, or any men really.

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Self aware enough to know their arguments are terrible and would never fly with the general public.

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Tumblr? I like how they seem to think the internet is only Reddit, Twitter and Tumblr. LMAO

Didn't even know gender crits were on tumblr in any sort of number. I personally haven't used Tumblr in years...

They are lucky that their woke ideology is like men's activism, helping men be misogynist and invade our spaces. Which is the only reason why the big tech is behind them. The big companies don't give a fuck about trans people, lmao.

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Notice how territorial they are. They cant stand the idea that someone is even on the same platform that doesnt conform to their demands.

It's the inflexibility of a child, and the desire to neatly sort everyone into "good" or "bad".

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“Don’t act like perverts, delusional disease-fetishizers and dicks, and people might actually take your side.”

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Because irl (as in outside their comfy echo chambers), well... Everyone has what they deem "terfy" opinions.

Just discussed this with my straight, totally not a feminist activist sister. She was shocked that lesbian women weren't allowed to have their space on reddit without getting banned for "transphobia".

And btw, for her, saying that lesbians can like dick is rape culture.

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This is exactly what made me peak initially, a few years ago when I was deep in Tumblr hell. Terf blocklists and callouts were starting to become the norm and were always accompanied by messages like "don't engage, block on sight", "don't even read their posts", "don't visit their blogs" etc
If your beliefs are so threatened by people who disagree with you then they are not as solid as you brainwash people to think they are.

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Notice how territorial they are. They cant stand the idea that someone is even on the same platform that doesnt conform to their demands.

It's the inflexibility of a child, and the desire to neatly sort everyone into "good" or "bad".

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So they are admitting we're right? I guess they do realize that telling people things that are actually and undeniably true is more persuasive then shouting the same catchphrases over and over.

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LMAO, well, that's revealing.