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Nah. Genderism is a white man's movement. They just want to be able to legally hire both men who wear fedoras and men who wear programmer socks and call themselves women. This is most definitely on purpose.

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Genderism is a men's movement, yes - but it's not for the benefit of, or driven by, white men exclusively. It's a men's movement for men of all races and ethnicities, and men of a variety of skin colors and ethnic backgrounds are behind it. Non-white men might not be providing the major funds, and they might not have the same institutional clout and reach, that very rich and/or powerful white men like Martine Rothblatt, Jennifer Pritzker and Char Clymer do. But non-white men are very much part of this movement and are benefitting from it.

In the USA, many Black men - Jerome/Laverne Cox, Blossom Brown, Shea Diamond, the homophobic Ashlee Marie Preston who served as paid "campaign surrogate" for Elizabeth Warren, Cat Blaque, CeCe Telfer, Andraya Yearwood, Terry Miller - are all prominent in the trans movement and are seen as leaders.

Also, do a search of "BLM and black trans women" and you'll see that there is now a very big move afoot to make sure that anti-racism activism and all other leftist supposedly progressive social movements in the USA today "center Black trans women" and give "Black trans women" special high status as the natural leaders of such movements:

Many other less prominent Black males in the USA (as well as males of other non-white ethnicities) have jumped on the trans bandwagon and are greatly benefitting from the genderist movement. As was illustrated by the fawning front-page NYTimes coverage given to the surgeries of Kricket Thunderpussy Nimmons in 2015 - and the way the press and Dem politicians including Hillary Clinton in 2016 rallied to decry the injustice done to an Asian TIM named Pearl Love who recorded a video of a (Black) woman on the subway subjecting Love to a litany of homophobic, transphobic and racially inflammatory verbal abuse. (I don't condone the abuse hurled at Love, but since women are verbally abused, harassed and molested every day on the subway I also don't think what happened to Love deserved the huge news coverage it got or it being portrayed as akin to a physical attack.)

Also, it's telling that so far most - perhaps all? - of the male inmates in US correctional facilities who've used claims of trans identity to successfully sue for transfer to female prisons have been Black males. This could be simply because Black males are over-represented in prisons in the US, though it's not clear if they are over-represented among male prisoners who claim to be the opposite sex (my hunch is they're not). Then again, it could also be because Black men like inmates Strawberry Hampton and Janiah Monroe - and the lawyers and advocacy groups such as the ACLU who are backing these men pro bono and big time - have figured out that in the current political climate, claims of being oppressed are likely to be heard most sympathetically in court and in the press if oppression can be claimed across two axes - race and transgender status.

The fact is, in today's political climate any man - whether he's rich and powerful like Pritzker or has a violent criminal history like Janiah Moore instantly become a member of "the most vulnerable and most oppressed group among us" by declaring he's trans. And the trans ID "magic trick" works for men across the board, regardless of race. (BTW, Illinois inmate Janiah Moore, who murdered one of his male prison cellmates with his bare hands, is said to have raped a woman in the female prison he was transferred to the very first day he was released into the general population of women.)

In the UK as well, many men of non-white ethnicity are prominent in the genderist movement too, ranging from Munroe Bergdorf to Alok Vain-Menon [sic] to the "trans" drag queen Glamarou. And UK activists have taken up the charge that "Black transwomen" must be centered in the British versions of BLM too:

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