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Posted in r/detrans:

joliphotia detrans male, retired mod 8 points · 1 hour ago There is a group who works to brigade rival subs, get them banned, then apply for ownership of the subreddit so they can repurpose it. A member of the group admits to their process here:

That same person attempted to gain ownership of this sub today:

level 3 joliphotia detrans male, retired mod 6 points · 50 minutes ago They've become quite brazen in what they're willing to admit in public. And the admins don't seem to care.

Also, have you seen what that same person above has been screenshot as doing and saying in discord chats?

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Saw some twitter mention of this dude Bardfinn trying to take over as sub mod.

And here he is on AHS saying to brick a terf. How does this get past advocating violence?

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I really think we should document this. How many threats of violence towards women v trans people.