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Very interesting article. I completely agree with the author. Intersex conditions can't be used to explain transgenderism because most transgender people aren't intersex. Also, if sex was a spectrum as they say, there would be more than two reproductive functions, and it wouldn't be possible to identify average female and male traits at all. I don't understand why it's considered transphobic to recognize these facts. If anything, wouldn't it be trans erasure to imply that, if sex can't be defined by biological factors, there's no need to physically transition, and therefore sex dysphoria isn't more than a social phenomenon?

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Also, you don't identify your way into being intersex.

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Also OMG intersex people are less than 1% of the population. Even if there are trans people with a brain-based intersex condition - so far - no dice. No proof at all. Same with people who have adrenal and endocrine issues - negligible amounts. This is a fucking joke. And a cover for dismantling title IX.