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The best thing about this was that I've been following Cleese's twitter since the whole JKR thing started and I really believe he was approaching the topic in good faith, in a "Hey I don't see the issue but maybe I'm missing something, let's talk about it!" kinda way, but the engagement from TRAs in response to his questions drove him to peak instead of sympathising with them.

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It always does. Most of us were TWAW-accepting/libfems before we started thinking and asking genuine questions, then received nothing but abuse, silencing and anti-science BS in return. Then someone calls us a TERF, we look it up and agree.

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Or similarly, someone on the outside hears about these evil "TERF"s for the 500th time and decides to finally look into what they are, only to realize there is nothing abnormal or outrageous about the idea that men aren't women.

That is what happened to me years ago, and what is happening to so many people right now, judging by the sheer amount of times I read "what is a TERF?" in twitter replies, youtube comments, etc etc even post-JKRowling-trending. Most people still don't know what a TERF is, but their natural curiosity will lead them to peek behind the curtains soon enough.

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The fact that there are popular media articles who basically make fun of the assertion that women are subordinated by men is what is so fucked up about this. Those media outlets typically describe TERF's as believing women are intentionally put down by men. Well, they fucking are. That's a fact.