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I'm a walkaway. I cannot possibly vote for Biden because Democrats in control will criminalize criticism of the transgender movement and completely destroy all sex-based protections. Never mind all the creepy videos of Biden pawing at little girls over the years. And I don't get these comments saying that Biden will stop coronavirus. How? No way he can.

First, the Democrats completely jumped the shark when they tried to make everyone else stay home while encouraging protests during a pandemic. I was in favor of initial protests...and then what happened? They turned into BLACK TRANS LIVES MATTER protests. Please don't tell me that somehow black trans lives are so critical that we need to risk everyone's lives during a pandemic to protest NOW about it. So now Democrats in public health are flat-out lying and trying to pretend like protests didn't help spread the virus while meanwhile we were told not to go to fourth of July events even with masks and social distancing.

We have science deniers on both sides. Infuriating!

If you think Biden will win in a landslide you just need to go peruse the Walkaway group on Facebook and look at how many people are super furious at these double standards. I don't think Biden will win, actually.

I'm not sure if I can vote for Trump. But I'm done with the Democrats. As far as abortion goes, I don't think that's going to be removed with the recent Supreme Court decision blocking the anti-abortion law...even with more conservatives on the they are now more libertarian and hands off it seems.

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Thanks for your smart and measured comment. I am getting furious at the 'Biden will stop Covid' comments too. What is he, the second coming of christ?

I think people thinking Biden will win by a landslide is delusional, but I also think at this point people should be walking away from partisan party politics, doing good research and voting realistically for the issues they think are most likely to actually be affected in the next term. Not based on party affiliation or how much they like the look of the presidential candidate.