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Don't feel too bad about it. For the several who unfollowed, a lot others stayed and heard what you said, their silence may or may not necessarily mean indifference; and others more (strangers) might also see it. Overall, will help bolster other women's courage to speak about it as well.

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Thanks for this! I do hope more women speak up.

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Yep! I retweeted a few pro-JKR things back in June and changed my name to #IStandWithJKRowling, immediately lost a bunch of followers. Yesterday I re-tweeted JK's tweet about misrepresenting the views of a trans woman whom she admired and respected and lost even more. lmao it's like, fucking... it's right there that she supports trans people. What else do you want.

I was disappointed about it before (I don't have many followers to begin with so the loss of 1 or 2 is always immediately noticeable) but I've consoled myself with the fact that the people unfollowing me over something like that are the same ones who'll call me a transphobic TERF without hesitation, so no big loss. The few people I actually do respect are still following me, too, so there's that... although I'd likely be upset if they dropped me.

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Women are more likely to stay silent than agree with you openly, out of fear, but you planted an important seed <3 exposure to our ideas, from our own mouths and not the twisted narrative TRAs spin, is how they start asking the right questions.

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Consider it like this regarding the people who unfriended/unfollowed you; the trash took itself out.

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didn’t notice or care...

Not necessarily a bad thing. I stayed silent when someone I'm following came out with GC beliefs (their more an influencer than close friend). Whoever didn't unfollow you is on your side :)

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It's weird how different people are in different circles. I'm almost 40 and most of the women I work with are around my age, some older, most of them think the whole trans phenomenon is odd. I work in healthcare. We all believe trans folks should be treated like humans, of course, but question the safety of transitioning children, think that men with surgically-created vaginas should go to WOUND SPECIALISTS and plastic surgeons, NOT GYN doctors, don't think MtF should compete in women's sports, etc.. I could probably talk about this issue without repercussions as long as I make sure to stress that I'm not anti-gay rights. Granted, I'm not a high-level administrator, but even in my "liberal US state", many people are socially conservative.

I could see younger people getting ostracized among their peer group. I also think younger women aren't as able to fully appreciate the extent of systemic sexism until they've gone through some life experience... living with a man, dealing with sexism on the job, having a kid, having a medical crisis dismissed by doctors, etc.. It's probably a lot easier for young inexperienced women to blow off our concerns because they don't think "the stuff that happens to other women won't happen to me!"

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When I posted gender critical stuff here and there a lot of people argued aggressively with me and a lot of people deleted me. But also a few people liked it and said nothing....and I’m sure many more read it and thought my viewpoints made sense....I post for those people.

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We cannot rest until tims get the exact same treatment as women. It's only fair. /s

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Let's see how much they enjoy "Quiet, TIMmy. The men are talking."