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I'm wondering about forums vs twitter type formats (following). Which do you prefer? Which do most prefer? What is the Spinster population? Would you say gender is the biggest topic? Can you surmise how many banned GC reddit members have joined. I ask this because I wonder where the diaspora is primarily ending up.

What I really wonder about too is the "follow" system... is that more divisive than the point gaining on most forums (I hated the downvoting=censorship on reddit)

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So I am not a twitter person. But so far Spinster is all feminists from what I have seen. Join and lurk would be my advice!

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I'm of two minds about spinister. I love being around like-minded feminists, so it's a good place to support eachother and maintain sanity. However it is also an echo chamber and will expose and bring new people to reality. That was why I loved gencrit on reddit. It was both "safe space" (a term I hate) and a pulpit.

ps- I followed you.