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I sadly think a lot of the young women who've drank the kool-aid won't wake up until they themselves are attacked in some way. I know the reddit fiasco opened my eyes.

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a lot of the young women who've drank the kool-aid won't wake up until they themselves are attacked in some way

Can confirm, that's the only way I ever could have possibly peaked. Being the object of obsession of a morbidly obese, rainbow haired brute who ''identified'' as a woman and tried to follow me to the toilet is the only thing that could have done it. Before it happened to me, that was just some bullshit story from a T*** because the TRAs are so vocal about predators/not-even-attempting-to-pass ''transwomen'' only existing in transphobic fantasies.

The takeaway here is to pull the Biden approach: lie in wait and offer them enough rope to hang themselves, and then sweep up the pieces. It's already happening and will only accelerate the more of these low-lifes people actually have to be subjected to irl.

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Or someone they love gets attacked

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"He can't really be trans, can he? He's doing all the horrible things that trans people say trans people never do, so he can't really be a girl if he's doing the insane stuff that real girls would never do."

'atta girl. That's what got most people to peak. I feel sorry for kids growing up having to deal with this social contagion.

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Your approach sounds great. My daughter is in a small high school program surrounded by trans and non binary teens and I've let her know this issue did not exist in schools 20 years ago. I asked her if she'd had trans speakers in middle school, because I've learned about the school programming trend of bringing in tra speakers without telling parents, and it turned out she had! A parent of a trans kid came in to speak, but it was voluntary and only she and her friend went from her class. We've talked about how rare gender dysphoria actually is, and how it starts very young. She has a classmate who she's known back to grade school who was a typical girly girl who is transitioning now, so she can see the contrast. I've told her about how there was an explosion in exorcisms in the 70s, about the waves of anorexia, self-harm, even the phenomenon of boy bands. I've told her about changes I've gone through and how much I changed over the course of adolescence and how glad I was that I didn't make permanent decisions (she thinks some of my old ideas don't sound like me at all, and she's right). The difference now, of course, is that this trend is somehow leading doctors to dispense medication to completely change your body and parents are being told they have to go along with it or your child will commit suicide. Yikes! I'm old enough to remember when parents made super unpopular decisions (wrt their teen) to prevent their child from harming themselves. I think it's helped her to have some history and perspective beyond YouTubers who will coach kids on how to transition and to "sneak" them binders. Christ. I also told her that there's women's colleges and she was excited to learn that and is now researching them. 😄

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As a mother to a much younger daughter, thank you so much for writing this all out. I love this approach. I'm terrified of my kid falling into the fashionable trans cult when she's older. Perhaps things will have changed, but maybe for the worse, somehow. Bring back boy bands, I say!

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I agree with the boy bands. Harmless fandom and fantasy for most girls. Music was everything to me when I was a kid. I think there will be a backlash and hella lawsuits ("why did you allow a child to have a mastectomy/ruin their fertility?") because we don't regulate in the US, we litigate. Our job moving forward is to support girls now, but watch out for the next groupthink trend that an outgroup can encourage and seize upon. The Shrier book has been fascinating because she states self harm in young people exploded after 2007... Right after the introduction of the iPhone.

I understand the purpose of chest binding is to make breasts disappear, but it reminds me so much of Victorian corsets--less breath intake, organ bruising, breast tissue damage, and malformation. Can we ever break out of our self oppression?

Stay strong for your daughter. As mothers we instantly get our cool cards yanked, but we can show them some reason and history if they're receptive. <3

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Even at the heyday of corsetting there was quite the movement against it, at the time. I draw hope from that.

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I’ve always thought the teen girl obsession over male musicians, all the way back to Elvis and the Beatles, was mainly a kind of socially acceptable way for them to channel their lust. Sure, they enjoyed the music, but my friends covered their rooms with posters of “hot” boy bands in the 90s and 00s and certainly spent a LOT of time talking about said hotness amongst themselves, lol. Elvis wasn’t supposed to show the lower half of his body dancing on TV, but there were screaming hordes of girls who didn’t mind his alleged “indecency,” which certainly worried some of their parents.

Meanwhile, it was and still is considered fine and normal for boys to openly talk about jerking off to Playboy or whatever (now hardcore porn instead), rate women on scales, and joke about trying to bang as many girls as they can, especially from the 60s/sexual revolution onward, while girls were still slut-shamed for every breath they took. Girls could revert back to the 50s and say such-and-such male celebrity was “dreamy” and not get shamed for it. Male-driven media and society wasn’t ready for them to admit much else.

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Great parenting, I'm curious, how old is your daughter?

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Perfect way to get her to think & decide by herself...

I'm possibly stealing it...!

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You're a good mom.

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She realized that "the stuff only TERFS say trans people do" is stuff a lot of TiMs do.

Technically this is called projection, and it's very common among those who lack a requisite minimum of self-awareness.

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