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I was around to watch the birth of all this bullshit when Tumblr got popular.

the accepted dogma seemed to be that trans people suffer from gender dysphoria, which is best treated by transitioning and using their favoured pronouns was a way of helping them not experience even more dysphoria.

Basically it just kept going from there. Misgendering became a literal hate crime instead of a mistake someone made. Being excluded from anything women have for themselves made them feel more dysphoria - hate crime. Talking about periods makes them feel excluded - hate crime. Lesbians saying they don't like dick - hate crime.

It really is that simple. They took their former privilege as white males, found an avenue of guaranteed victimization, and ran with it. Incels have now discovered that they can transition and then guilt women into having sex with them lest they be branded transphobes. It's crazy as hell.. welcome back!

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Yeah I recently read the incel transmaxxing manifesto and I think I’m still recovering. I need a nice engrossing novel to offset my educating myself on this stuff.

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Incels have now discovered that they can transition and then guilt women into having sex with them lest they be branded transphobes. It's crazy as hell..

This is the funniest sentence I've read this week...

Does an incel have to do the sex change surgeries or can he just like put on a dress and a wig...Asking for a friend. Thx

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Oh yeah, you don't have to have surgeries or anything like that! You can shout ''choke on my girldick'' to any uppity lesbians who dare reject you for having a penis and be hailed as stunning and brave warrior 10/10

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Lmao...what the hell is going on with our civilization...we're so spiritually lost.

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A mind virus called critical theory/identity politics. Still looking for a vaccine.

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Nearly 100 years later, Mr Decaudin denounced the rule designating one seat to a man and another to a woman as “an outdated concept” that reinforced the “gender binary.” Mr Decaudin persuaded New York Democrats to rewrite the rule in October 2019. The amended rule requires each district to elect to the state committee two people who “do not identify as the same gender.

The inmates started running the asylum... Frankly this is a bit wildin to me, this guy might be the biggest IRL edgelord out there

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This is quite a good overview:

(And it’s only got worse since then.)

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One of my all time favourites. Just brilliant.

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I remember it starting about 2011, that was when I first heard of 'TERFs' and started getting curious about who they were and what they were saying on tumblr that was so terrible. Then I started getting my first threats for following wrongthink. I argued back, saying fairly innocuous, still-trans-supporting comments(about as mild as JKR's tweets), and was continually stunned by the hatred and lunacy I got in response. I left tumblr around the end of that year, but the insanity went mainstream and has been snowballing ever since.

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I understand how you feel! I put my energy mostly into environmental issues for the past several years, and that’s where I thought the goals fo trans rights remained until a few weeks ago. I was so shocked and the more I read the more disturbed I am about the direction things are going. I am also especially concerned at the policing of women’s language about their own bodies.

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Cotton Ceiling was 2012. That was the notorious workshop run by TIMs to try and get lesbians to have sex with them. Notably, the advertising flyer of the event said something like, "we are already welcomed into lesbian spaces, and lesbians will work with us and be friends with us but they won't date us or have sex with us." This was deemed a problem that the workshop sought to 'cure'. So that gives you an idea of how entrenched a lot of this already was by 2012, that a TIM was basically saying men had already fully infiltrated lesbian spaces. Also it shows lesbians were fucking morons (sorry to say it about my own people, but it's true) for not understanding the escalation that would undoubtedly occur after the first boundary was breached.

The dysphoria/born in the wrong body narrative has been superseded by a kind of idea of pick'n'mix with regards to gender/sex/gender identity. This is pretty recent, I'd say it's really started happening in the wake of gay marriage being legalised in countries like the US and UK. It's a new money-making cause for charities who had outlived some of their usefulness. Some of it is fashion statement, some of it is trying to survive homophobia (for the LGB kids who get sucked in), some of it is predators and opportunists who see they can get something out of it.

The thing that is important to understand is that the movement didn't come out of nowhere. The seeds for a lot of this were sewn a long time ago, I'd say mostly in the first decade of the 2000s. But not many were paying attention, and those who were, weren't listened to. So this movement has been quietly trundling along, making changes, taking over groups and organisations, promoting itself in academia as an offshoot of queer theory, changing laws, getting politicians onside. And now the whole thing has reached critical mass and the rubber is hitting the road and we're starting to see the end results of all of this happening in the real world. And this is the point at which many people realise everything has changed around them.

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Somewhere there’s a post of me on social media around 2004-5 predicting the rise of trans issues and saying that if I spent a minute thinking about trans rights I wanted that minute back at the end of my life. Joke’s on me, apparently. Heh, heh.... heh.

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I would like all the minutes back, along with pay $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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It got worse when Tumblr banned porn and it all spilled out onto other sites. Tumblr for a while was a bit of a containment unit for the worst batshittery. Now it's all over Twitter it's seems to have sucked in a lot of previously rational adults who should know better.

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If you want to go deep into the history and causes, check out the new book Irreparable Damage. It's really good!

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It's basically a 'slippery slope' in action.

IF transwomen have the "gender" of women, but the wrong body, and the body can be corrected with surgery and hormones, then a post surgery transwoman is a woman. And if 'she' is a woman now, then she was always a woman. After all, it's what's on the inside that counts. And if she was always a woman then she always had a woman's body, even when it was male. And therefore every woman with a male body, even if they don't WANT surgery, is a woman, etc etc.

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The current trans ideology is just transhumanism thinly disguised. It's all about considering the body as an accessory of the mind, an ideology not so surprisingly embraced by weakly but rich men in the Silicon Valley.

Once people approve that one can change your sex just because you feel like it, then why not change your whole body? Hey! Cloning is right there, if there are transgendered people then transhumanism is already existing, so what can the body fetishists, some being known as TERFs, do about it?

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I'm going to add that when the gay marriage debate was won then a lot of big orgs focused on changing the law now had no focus so they decided trans was their next big fight.