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And here's a quote from one of the forae:

Your comment about “obvious biological facts” denies the very identity of people who’s biology does not match their reality, and is a classic transphobic expression/argument. Not going to happen on this forum.

In consequence the response to the question whether or not Rowling is a transphobe (that OP stated she is not, because she refers to obvious biological facts) got the silent/hidden treatment.

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I know what you mean. Although I've never used the Nano forums, I'm in a writing forum. When discussion turned to JKR, a genderwoowooist led the charge to denounce her in multiple long posts about the many, many ways she was wrong. I think the posts were so long in order to drown out discussion because they certainly didn't say anything useful. BUT there weren't as many posts in the thread as I thought there'd be, so I imagine the majority-female userbase were busy biting their tongues.

On a non-writing forum I frequent, the topic was just deleted entirely. Can't argue if it doesn't exist, right?

But thank you for reminding me about Nano. I don't like the new layout but I do need to get some words down!

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Yeah, I noticed- I thought I'd give it a go again this summer (0 words so far! Woohoo!) and wanted to join a discord for grad students. Except as part of the intro I had to give my pronouns. I figured saying "I'm female" or just skipping that part might not go over well but like. Come on. (Or perhaps I could claim that question was upsetting to me and I was still in the process of figuring it out... I think that actually may work). I know it's such a small thing, but a gesture like that IMMEDIATELY lets me know what kind of space I'm walking into and I decided I wasn't having it. It's exhausting enough trying to blend in to all the other grad student groups I'm a part of without adding one more that I feel might be even woke-r.

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Just know that not one of those people will ever produce a book that is not unreadable twaddle which will fall flat as a pancake, no matter how 'woke' it is. Just think of it as natural selection. They're self-selecting out of being your competition as a good writer.