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While they still mention "mothers" on some old website content...their new curriculum has replaced the word "mother" with "birther" across the board. Here are some snippets from their syllabus:

"Gender Diversity and Caring for all Birthers. Not all birthing parents identify as female. Babies coming into the world will experience a range of gender identification and expression as they grow up. Caring for new babies begins with caring for their parents from the beginning. Transgender and Genderqueer parents need loving caregivers to help buffer the dramatic challenges experienced on a daily basis by this growing community. Respecting and honoring the expansive spectrum of Gender Identity and finding ways to help all families feel supported and cared for."

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How the fuck are they offended by the word "mother" when these women are going to be mothers? Seeing this newspeak word-replacement makes me angry.

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It makes me angry that a biological female would go through the process of becoming pregnant and hate women SO MUCH that she would deny being a mother. It's sickening. It's misogyny.