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We're outlaws now.

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... and yet the TRA sickos are following us here. To all of you hate readers: Go away! Go find a hobby! Clean your rooms! Do your homework! Leave us alone!

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And it is the absolute proof the patriarchy exists and is afraid

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While I agree being underground is considered cool, can we argue that being on the dark web spreading misogynistic, racist and negative views towards humanity considered cool as well?

If we wanna survive under the surface of major websites and, indeed, stay cool, we should start by rejecting our association with conservative and reactionary ideology that they seem to push us.

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Sadly I don't think you need to be on the dark web to do that :(

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Firstly this isn't anything like the dark web, how naive.

Secondly pushing those right wing views under ground has clearly made them more dangerous, not less. America is looking at another term for Trump and abortion laws in the US keep being challenged seemingly out of no where because it's all being talked about in private bubbles.

If you really cared about people having racist views you'd challenged and debate them not just virtue signal you are one of the good guys. "When all those other people were denied freedom of speech that was fair but not when it happened to me because I'm a good one" never works.

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It is sad that we have been forced off a major website but I would say we have come more into the light in recent times. I am openly challenging people I was to scared to before.

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Their biggest hater is the universe. It doesn't care about how you feel in your head. Thoughts and feelings don't change reality.