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I always felt conflicted on being on Reddit. Their behavior is no surprise, it's always been a misogynist shitshow. r/GC was an amazing community and information source for me, and finding it was a huge part of resolving my cognitive dissonance around libfem ideology. But really, it doesn't matter where the community is hosted as long as women can find it. I'm of the "I don't want to be part of any club that doesn't want me as a member" school of thought. Fuck them.

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I have dusted off Twitter and am loving Spinster.

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I’m trying out discord for the first time. And I like it. Shocking. And spinster is the bomb

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I was a bit thrown by the lack of porn/child abuse/misogyny at first but I think I can get used to it.

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No stalkers telling women love doing porn and getting choked is truly something to get used to indeed

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Twitter is a shitshow. That site is just for canceling anyone and for gathering drama and spilling tea

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I know, that is why it is dusty :)

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Yeah I'm honestly kind of glad that this inpsired me to get a Spinster and also be more outspoken about things

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The new fascist movement comes with an disturbing entitlement of feeling morally superiour and "woke", and anyone (especially women) with a dissenting opinion is a cruel subhuman nazi bigot terf totally deserving of vicious bullying and the most cruel violence because MoRaLiTy. Now lets all together shout some slogans or else...

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Just look at how quickly Black Lives Matter (the org not the sentiment) has risen and fallen in a handful of weeks. The same thing can happen to the trans cult. Literally the only thing which is keeping them from being cancelled and shunned is that most people don't realise what they actually stand for. This is why they are so keen to shut down forums. We just need to keep shining a light. Keep talking and remember not to only talk in bubbles like spinster but share what you can get away with on the most popular platforms as well.

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the fascinating thing is, they can't hate on any gendercritical content without simultaneously acknowledging that it exists.

Wherever we go, they'll have to go in order to get their hate-content. Free advertising in a way.