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We have a lot of trolls and dumbasses derailing discussions, but I think once the mods figure out how to moderate this space, it will all take shape. AFAIK, because they put the disclaimer on the sidebar, they are allowed to remove discenting opinions even if they are articulate and good faith. And bad faith/trolling/off topic posting is already A-OK to be removed under saidit's rules. We'll be removed for s/all in so doing, so less people will stumble in unintentionally.

I wanna stay. Spinster requires an email address and I just don't want to tie my real world identity to this whole thing just yet. Plus it's comforting because it's so much like reddit.

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Yeah, I got a gross email not 24 hours after signing up for spinster. We need a website that's administrated by women, and not man-worshipping libfems.

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There are mail services that don't ask for identifying info such as a phone number. Protonmail is a security oriented mail service that requests no phone number, and yandex is another one that doesnt request a number (its optional), although it's a normal mail service, not security oriented.

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I had hope for saidit, but after taking a look at some popular subs, I've lost my faith. Besides the sexist men, I'm worried this sub might ge banned for being "against free speech".

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According to rule 4b you guys are fine since you're not on s/all. That lets the mods do whatever they want and keep this place a "safe space". But yes all the popular subs are filled with conspiracies and racism but that's the price of free speech I guess.

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Unfortunately with free speech this site is going to turn into a 4chan clone with a nicer interface. I've already seen s/politics and it's yikes to say the least. It's inevitable but you can ignore it and just stay in this sub where the mods won't let that type of shit in. Give the mods more time to set up shop, there's still a lot of fallout from the banwave and things need to settle down more. As a dude I'll stop posting on here today and just wait for another gc guys sub or something, idk. Hopefully stuff calms down.

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I’m glad I’m not that only one that thought s/politics was awful. I’m trying to get more into this sight but I’m definitely not digging the sheer amount of Neo-Nazi and neck beard foolishness.

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Yeah it's just filled with baseless George Soros conspiracies and endless Trump circle-jerking, it's disgusting. Feels like I'm browsing /pol/ on 4chan. And there's no downvote button either so all of that drivel is just at the top and it gets more credibility. Unfortuantely it's a necessary evil but I hope other people make better moderated political subs.

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I think more women will be able to find GC content if its spread across different websites, that's why I think its important to build up women communities everywhere possible

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Yes, we might be the minority here for now, but does that mean we should once again leave all the space to males? We need to spread our opinions just as well. Spinster is fine, but is doesn't have the reach all the mainstream sites have and we need to reach outsider and as many women as possible.

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The message from our (GC) mods has been that it's OK to hang out here while they put together a new, fully women-owned and run, site; several mods have posted here in the last couple of days. The (fantastic!!!) mod team is actively working on constructing the new site now. Watch social media (Spinster and Twitter) for news when they've got it up and running.

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Yeah, a lot of stuff is overlooked in all this turmoil. IMO Spinster is in a similar boat... it started with ties to Gab, which is a platform with questionable roots. Glad I'm not alone in noticing this.

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Where’s the hub for Gender Critical on Spinster? I’m still getting used to the format.

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Yeah I’ve seen some really fucked up racist sexist stuff in here. I do NOT want to be associated with these people at all and we should distance immediately. GC on reddit wasn’t great but it was way better than this. Think I’ll bug out too. Catch y’all on spinster.