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They're just saying that to look good and stroke TiMs cocks for validation. Those women are delusional.

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I’m appalled at that thread and the thread of the mirror article that was RT.

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They act like sexed bodies have parts that can simply be swapped out like a Mr. Potato Head. So delusional and willfully ignorant of anatomy, biology and biochemistry!

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Ummm sweaty go and educate yourself in that thread by someone with an anime avi.

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I think I just peaked yet again. No words.

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Both threads are peak peaking material. There are some outrageous TRAs in there.

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Wow I can already envision this as part of a late late stage capitalist dystopian society, in which women feel no choice but to sell their uteruses to wealthy transwomen to support themselves or their families. This shit seriously sounds more like a horror sci fi plot all the time.

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I'm having visions of throwing uteruses instead of tomatoes at protests now.

Welp if this is the majority of women I guess I'll be working on poison island when they cut off our bank accounts. Handmaidens giving birth for timwives. Get ready ladies. ;)

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This is literally like handmaid’s tale except they’ll be required to surgically remove their uteruses.

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that comes up on tumblr a disappointing amount too. like a uterus is just a baby pocket and serves no other biological function

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Some of them in the thread call it that and breasts are “meat bags”, claiming trans women can take them all! So bizarre. How the hell did we get here?

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I remember when Carmen Carrera (drag queen turned trans woman) was basically telling women " if you say I'm not a woman because I'm not female you're reducing ourselves to your uterus" or something, and that was a go-to argument from TRAs...but now that they've got the illusory hope of getting a uterus transplant they sure want one uh? That's not even getting into everything I've read about uterus transplants. They're extremely costly and risky, I've read a doctor dissuading women from going through it because of the risks and massive toll it takes on your body. Moreover, the only successful transplants were done on women born without a uterus or that had a hysterectomy, but still had ovaries. They then waited until the women had a cycle, then proceeded with IVF. After a successful pregnancy, the uterus is removed because risk of rejection is high. How do TRAs think this is going to work on a male body?

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wtf! ew! I'd say they could have mine over my cold dead body but they probably would still take it. I'm just horrified again. I feel like this has no end. They want more and more.

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Sad, but we keep telling them and they do not listen,

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Maybe show them this?

Quote from the article: “There is some research showing that women who underwent hysterectomy but maintained their ovaries had an increased risk for dementia if the surgery occurred before natural menopause,” Prof. Bimonte-Nelson notes."

(Got to give credit to threefingersam who posted this article in a separate thread :) )

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It's sad but I think a lot of women are going to have to go the hard route of learning through experience what female oppression is. Wish they wouldn't try and drag the rest of us along though

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I'm just imagining if it happened and the lib fem would be so smug that she did something so woke and humble. Then she quickly realises AGP is very real and the TiM just wants to get pregnant to get his rocks off then the kid ends up just discarded because a screaming baby won't validate him.