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Being forced to do most of the housework

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I went on strike at my house and my ex complained and lived in filth. Pathetic. Oh and also told me I wasn't functioning and needed medication in spite of the fact I was still caring for the children, cooking a little, and working full time. That's when he started a campaign with our daughter to get me to move out.

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Not to mention that if a house isn't clean who will get judged for it? A man or a woman? I think we all know the answer to that question.

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BEING A WOMAN -waxing my vagina -carrying the weight of my breast (32 DDD) -having to buy $100 bra -having to go to the gynecologist -having stomachache -pain during sex

Yes but that one is not strictly biological, it can be escaped

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Seriously, a bathing suit with lower-cut leg openings and forget about it. I am too old to give a shit -- adults have pubic hair, the end.

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This giant list right here is why we needed subs like subs like GC. These are all problems trans women will never have to suffer through. They see our problems as something to role play out! It's beyond frustrating and disgusting.

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Everyone has a horrible first period. I remember my first one was so painful I laid down on bench and cried. I had to wrap a jacket around my waist. When I discovered TRAs were larping out periods like it was cute fun experience peaked me to the moon. Then I read a story by one fellow rad feminist who claimed a trans man got to go home early for his "period cramps" while she had to work through hers or get written up.
That's some fucking bullshit.

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Everyone has a horrible first period.

ugh so true. My first period was the day my youngest sibling was born! We were driving to go see the new baby and me, at age 11.5, was really confused as to why I had such a bad stomachache. I thought maybe I was sick or was anxious or something, despite never being prone to stomach trouble before. Then we get to the hospital and I have to go to the bathroom and oops. I felt so pale all day. My baby sibling was glorious and adorable and still is, but it's still a weird thing to me that my body chose that day, like couldn't it have waited a week? Oh well.

Of course the next several years were "wonderful" with two days a month of pain to the point of vomiting and almost passing out, sometimes along with migraines. Eventually they got less vicious, but yikes.

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Envisioning OP reciting that post at the V****** M******gs, back before they were banned.