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God damn these delusional men are so threatened by us it's comical

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Are you fucking kidding me!? Removing that sub because of her opinions

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This is utterly stupid. Soon they'll realize they cannot ban all of our voices.

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Ironically, this ban is just making me louder. I only ever lurked on r/GenderCritical. I gave plenty of upvotes, but I never posted anything out of fear of being doxed or even just banned from other subs I enjoyed. Now I'm posting with a shiny new account unrelated to any other online presence I have. Here I finally feel like I can say all the things I've been thinking without repercussions. I probably would have continued silently lurking indefinitely if it weren't for the ban. I almost deleted my account yesterday, but I stopped when I got to the final confirmation. I don't care about my Reddit account anymore, so I don't care if I get banned. I don't care if I get downvoted for speaking the truth. I'm going to keep using Reddit, and I'm going to call out misogynist nonsense wherever I see it. I will no longer be silent. Edit: Oh, look, my first Reddit ban! That only took a few minutes.

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Lol I got an account warning ban recently too. They probably going to ban me completely after the 3 days which I honestly couldn't care less. Delusional males don't realize that I myself have deleted accounts with over 100K that how little those stupid upboats mean to me.

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"Sex is real, plays a major role in people's lives, and can't be changed" is now a statement too controversial to be allowed on any site that relies upon ad revenue. ... Unless men are saying it.

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"I'd never fuck someone with a penis" can be added that that list as well. Said by men? OK. Said by women? HATESPEECH

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Let them stew in their own exhausted juices. (turning up insularity during a pandemic--smart)

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Their agenda is obvious. They want to stifle any voice that doesn’t praise or center them whole heartedly.