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From an outsiders perspective it does seem as if the black community has done a much better job at not buying into this sort of thing. Prime example being the (rightful) shutting down of Rachel Dozeal.

I'd be interested to know your thoughts in why you think this is? From my perspective I'd wager a lot of it has to do with a white sensitivity on being on 'the wrong side of history' again and so passivity and open acceptance has overwhelmed all sense of reason.

That said, while it may have originally come from a good place (I'm personally doubtful of this but open to other perspectives) its deeply concerning to see how this over correction is ruling out all sensible and nuanced and instead reducing us to having to have frankly ridiculous arguments over whether a man with a beard and a week of oestrogen under his belt is somehow magically a woman.

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Are you sure? Because I feel like BLM is all about the trans stuff. Tried to join a few years ago but had to fill out a questionnaire that was pretty much all questions about gender and pronouns.

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go to They are def all over the trans stuff and insist I am cis. I'm not cis and I'm not with this particular movement although it should be said that if you do not think Black lives matter, you are a moron.

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Perhaps they get funding from TRA's. That seems to be behind all of the other orgs who adhere to this ideology.