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Most of my friends are white. They feel more than qualified to speak on behalf of the Black community and to center white culture's views on the LGBTQ community as though they are universally held by every other racial and ethnic minority group in the US as well. Not the case. TRA's have a lot of power because the dominant culture (rich white people) don't have an issue with them (notably they don't have an issue with the T whereas other groups agree they have no issue with the LGB). On the left it's because they think they are being kind/don't want to lose face with the wolk folk circles they are in, on the right it's because TRA ideology reinforces MRA and evangelical ideologies.

Meanwhile, Catholics and other religions with a high percentage of racial minority groups as worshipers call bullshit. And the elite left thinks it's ok to silence them because they are religious people. And feminists aren't really in touch with these folks because of the abortion and birth control dispute.

The working class gets shit on once again, but I want to be respectful to the Black community as well here, by acknowledging that many Black people feel they are primarily oppressed due to race and not class and in certain aspects I believe that to be true also. I just think it's interesting that white people chose Laverne Cox as their first introduction of trans people to the country. It's hard to question the movement if a Black person is the face of it. That feels intentional - not to diminish Laverne, she seems lovely, I just abhor white people who use minorities as a shield for their real aims (usually $ and corporate interests).

In short - the white elite has done it again. All the normies hate each other, and all the normies especially take issue with Black normies. Not enough normies take issue with the actual root.