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that is an awesome post, nothing to apologise for. Good luck pushing back self-ID in Spain!

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Thank you!!

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Thank you for writing this! I feel similar about /r/GC. It gave me so much information, resources, debates, insights and arguments; it was my first real contact with radical feminism (even though all the 'oldschool feminism' is radical feminism). Through that, I became very firm in my point and was able to discuss the issues and peak so many people, and it's getting more day after day. Thank you for fighting for your sisters in spain! I wish you the best of luck!

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Yes, it really helped strengthen my arguments too, every aspect of the issue being covered. Thank you for the good wishes!

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Fantastic Post. I am now checking out Laura Freixas and Lucía Etxebarría, thanks to you.

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Heyyyyy! Fellow Spaniard here! Let me cling to you and cry bitter tears, because of what the left is doing to us. I'm flailing around like a headless chicken, because there are no TRA-free leftist parties. I feel sick. Politically homeless.

On the other hand, I'm in awe at the amount of women with ovaries of STEEL (like you) fighting this gender cult. Thank you!

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Yeah they are nothing but a bunch of incapable, androcentric pricks. The left has gone to bed with the TRAs and the pimps. But reason is on our side. We will win!!

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Yes, good luck! And thank you for mentioning Lucía Etxebarría, my Spanish isn't "literary-level" but I would love to read some of her work!

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Hello fellow European sister! Keep fighting the good fight. Self-ID is not signed into law to my knowledge here, but it's de-facto policy for most schools, workplaces, and businesses when it comes to accessing same-sex spaces. Do whatever you all can to keep the same from happening there.

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I sincerely hope we will stop this. I am very worried but it doesn't make sense because it will be the undoing of the party that promotes the law. They are creating a rift within the left and it's becoming more and more apparent. We will fight no matter what. And if it gets passed, then we will have to change the law.

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What I love about it is it reached women all over the globe. There were women from singapore, malaysia, the philippines, south korea, france, sweden, spain and more. It's honestly amazing.

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Yes. It was very important in terms of global reach of this issue.

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Thank you for sharing! "When I feel alone I think there are other 30,000 women with me", powerful quote

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Thank you for being here! Fantastic post.

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Thank you for opening this place! :)

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I found /GC by chance last year and I could finally put into words some if my fears. That made me unfollow "locas del coño" and many more due to TWAW posts on FB and Twitter. Recently I tried to find some spanish radfem sites and groups from my area and I'm starting to find some. I really hope the politicians (with the help of "Contra el borrado de las mujeres") will push back with the self-ID nonsense.

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I hope so too! And yes, Locas del Coño is a good example, está todo invadido 😭

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Thank you for this!!

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You're very welcome friend

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A lot of other places I've found are either poorly modded or consist of a lot of people who just... haven't done even the bare minimum of background work. I miss GC so much, it was filled with so many smart, insightful women sharing stories just like this, or resources, or their take on things. More than once I got into arguments there and that's good, women felt comfortable calling me on my shit and I felt comfortable doing the same. Those 60,000 GC/radfem women don't just go away because reddit banned the sub. We are still out there and we will organize again, women have been doing that for well over 50 years. Also love hearing about activism from other parts of the world. As a Canadian I support you, feel free to share news, petitions, etc! (and knowing about all the spanish radfems makes me wish I'd kept up my spanish after hs)

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Thank you and much love from here! The situation in Canada is bleak but you have all of our support and you will eventually succeed over there too!

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At the beginning I was confused about what libfems were really trying to do. Even though claiming to be the mainstream feminists, they have been obviously evading all the actual issues that women are facing.

All their victory points are just "Yeah!!! We sent more M2F people into women's washrooms!", "Yeah!!! We forced people to delete more feminine suffixes from vocabulary!" or "Yeah!!! We yelled at another lesbian who did not want to suck dicks!". It is just weird and creepy. They have a passion of helping men hunting down women. They never stand up for women who are oppressed and bullied by men.

Eventually I realized that libfems should not be related to feminism at all. They are nothing but the misogynists' puppets.

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Precisely. They are pawns.

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We're just getting started :)

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Exactly :)

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I miss it so much. I just feel angry. The whole JKR thing was peaking so many people, I think the sub had 21k when I joined and it tripled in size to 65k by the time it was banned. It was a place we could speak our minds and actually discuss things that were apparently taboo everywhere else

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Yes, JK did the work of the goddess and they just couldn't allow it. We will reband again. Don't give up Xxx

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Your post gave me little tears in my eyes ❤️ Women have always persevered in spite of men, in spite of everything, & we’ll persevere now. GC meant a lot to me, too. I’m so glad to see so many women still in this fight together. It truly calms the cynicism always at risk of taking over in my brain. So proud of how far you’ve come and for all you’ve done for women, for us. Good luck to you & your sisters in Spain; my hands, my words, & my rage are with you all. I wish you the absolute best, sister! ❤️

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Thank you so much my sister, I send you a strong hug from here!!! Xxxxxx

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Thank you for this encouraging post! I've noticed libfem is more popular in Spain than in other Spanish speaking countries, at least among youth. Good luck bringing attention to the self-ID law.

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Yes libfem is everywhere, lmao is insane. But also a strong (and growing) radfem movement here, thankfully. Thank you x

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GC as a sub reminded Me of the early days of feminism in the 70’s and 80’s when our mantra was Sisterhood is Powerful.

It all got perverted in the 1990’s when the gender movement blossomed and they got lots of money to fund the gender lobby.

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Yes, reading older women in GC who lived through the 70s and 80s was so powerful. We owe you all so much. We will keep going 💜

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I truly feel as though we (I) failed younger women. We took our eyes off of the ball in the 1990’s when the gender movement started in earnest. We thought that we had achieved so much but sexism never died.

It just was sitting there, ready to take another form.

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It's okay, you're here now. Neoliberalism and neopatriarchy got almost everyone I think. :) we are fighting back.

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You're here now! Women are regrouping and reawakening, and I learned so much from the older voices on GC. Without them and their experiences and fucking WISDOM, I think us younger women wouldn't have anything to look back on that wasn't "unproblematic." Older gen led the way, for me, to get to where I am now with my feminism. It is a feminism that is reviled by many, but more and more people are coming around.

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Did you read Spare Rib?

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Love your post, we stand with you.

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Thank you <3

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Whoa! You've given info to look up and it seems like you're super involved. So many of us followed a path like this - I was led to GC by my studies, researching whether or not "hate" speech should be allowed in public libraries where we have on the one hand a code of ethics for neutrality and freedom of expression, and on the other a duty to uplift the marginalized. Well, NONE of my fellow students looked into the topic enough to actually watch the speeches and the recorded events at the library, but they ALL condemned the event by a GC feminist. When I looked into it, I couldn't stop. It was weeks and weeks of research and being so scared at what was blooming inside me, but it was what I knew was the TRUTH.

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Awesome. I remember Meghan Murphy was able to give a talk at a public library after being no platformed. I was very glad for their defence of freedom of speech.

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Isolation is one of the most effective strategies of power to silence you. When reddit banned gendercritical they tried to deprive us of community so as to disempower us. We are not alone. YOU are not alone. I am hear supporting you. We can't let Big Brother control us.

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