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Those rules are so ambiguous that they can be interpreted as anything. I've seen more than a few people say "Well Chinese people are the majority of the world's population so I guess racism is okay against them according to reddit?" Hilarious.

I love when companies try so hard to be "woke" that they collapse on themselves trying to figure out what's going to score them the most brownie points with the blue checkmarks on twitter. I knew it was only a matter of time before this happened when a reddit co-founder stepped down because he explicitly said he wanted a black candidate to take his place. This isn't even pandering anymore, it's just plain insulting and disingenuous. I want to know who the hell greenlit this rule and I'm 99% sure it was a disgruntled intern that wrote this and it somehow got under spez's radar, I refuse to believe a board member approved of this rule.

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Reddit has always permitted hate against women. Lol. The only time they'll do anything about it is when there's a literal call for violence, in that case they'll temp ban individual users, who will then make multiple new accounts to do the same shit.

I reported multiple men in r/Politically_NSFW who were straight up talking in graphic detail about raping women like AOC, Ivanka Trump, and other women in politics. Reddit temp banned a couple but the sub stayed up. Meanwhile I was IP banned from reddit completely for simply saying stuff like "I hate men". Any new account I make gets automatically perma banned. Never threatened any men with violence or rape like they have me, never said "kill all men", yet reddit thinks it's fair for me to never be able to access the site again. Lol. Meanwhile these men can keep talking about how bad they want to rape women.

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It's because you didn't say "not all men" /s

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The new policy is the dumbest woke, sjw move in history. This isn't a path forward. If they're going to have rules, they need to apply to all people to be fair. Otherwise, it's only going to create more discord. As a non-white person, I don't subscribe to the leftist you can't be racist to white people and black people cannot be racists take. I think anyone of any race who treats other people badly because of their race is racist. They're permitting anti-women subs and illegal or violent pornography in the same breath as their protecting women (TiMs only) schill. If only they'd put half the effort into protecting women that they do trying to silence them for males who id as women, but then they'd lose most of their userbase.

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I'm sure they didn't intend to do this but isn't it funny that their behaviour happens to match their drafting accident so closely?

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Yeah lol, I guess they're just following their own rules. Basically you can't "hate" but reddit admins are literally allowed to target people based on their identity as per their constitution. Actual insanity.

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And (doesn't apply to their internal HR policies etc.) but . . . women are still a legally protected US class, so their "majority" reasoning is moot.

I mean, insofar as it's "reasoning." Which it isn't.

As you said. Insanity.

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They're trying to say "You're allowed to hate and harass groups if it gives our website clout because it lets us appear progressive while raking in that sweet ad money and pr". They don't actually give a fuck about protecting women, minorities, or any other marginalized groups they claim that these new guidelines will protect. They only want to ban the "hate" that is socially controversial and doesn't follow any mainstream narratives that are already widely popular. It's popular to shit on feminists (actual ones). It's popular to shit on white people. Reddit would never ban these types of hate because they have no actual values, they just follow trends and dollar signs. If redditors can't shit on white people and feminists then they'll leave the site and reddit will lose all that precious ad money. Reddit wants to be seen as a martyr for social issues so badly while at the same time remaining profitable and controversy-free, it's a recipe for disaster.

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Yeah, they're an ethical void. Trying to leverage one flavor of hate against another? That's not gonna go well for them.

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Their rules are based on the same faulty reasoning the TRAs use to define women. Let a small group of men decide whatever they FEEL the definition should be.

Reality still exists. They have done crap all to fix the root of the problem because they bear no real consequences from it.

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It is not hate speech when there are a lot of you!