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This is a good idea but I think you'd get more of a response if you emailed journalists from major publications as well as feminist ones. It's possible that someone will read one of these emails and try to create a story from it and the fallout from said story could affect reddit's funding and public perception negatively.

You are still fighting an uphill battle here because much of the mainstream internet sees the banning of GC and other similar subs as a "win" for women and conversely think they're the misogynistic subs and not the MRA ones. I would link all of the rape kink subs on the emails as well as MGTOW and other misogynist subs you could find. At the same time point out the banning of women spaces on reddit.

I apologize for the unsolicited advice but I think a news stories would do way better in the long run than having to laboriously email several dozen companies that may or may not advertise on reddit in the present.

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Great advice. I think I'll be up late emailing tonight. I suspect almost no-one will give a shit, lefty publications hate us for not suspending reality that trans women are no different to women and righty publications hate anything that could be considered, "feminist". Though there is a journo at the Guardian that published a GC pice recently I might try her. Thanks!

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Yes exactly, lefty publications are already on the tra train and I doubt any of them are going to care about GC getting banned. A potential solution might be to just focus on the misogynistic and women-hating subreddits as well as the borderline illegal kink ones. Also mention the banning of the women only subreddits but only as an afterthought and maybe don't mention GC so they don't trash the whole email. It sucks that you have to do this at all but unfortunately these publications can't go against the popular narrative.

That Guardian journalist sounds promising though, defiently mention the GC ban to her, it might go through. Good luck!

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also possibly public shaming the companies on social media. might get some interest from the general public who'll have something of a wtf moment. that list of porn reddits is pretty damning.

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I think a Tweeting them is a good way forward. Tweet the list of porn sites

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yes, the key here is to show the bystanders/general public what is going on. The companies don't care about women. They don't care about feminists. They don't care about suppression of free speech. Think about it. corporations LOVE the idea of people not being able to say what they think, especially if they might criticise *their" particular company. They also love this pseudo-woke nonsense because they get all this positive publicity and don't have to change any of the toxic crap they're actually doing. So trying to get companies to change out of genuine ethics or concern or any of that is never going to happen. What will hurt them is if the general public comes to associate them with extreme violence against women, suppression of political thought (all the stuff on reddit about radical feminism is hate speech and should be prosecuted by the govt), extreme censorship etc. That's the framing that will work.

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Literally every website is a misogynistic cesspit hellsite because the entirety of the internet is controlled by men.

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is there a list of reddit's advertisers? I think it is worth adding while contacting them that reddit's user numbers might be inflated because of the bans and departures. People might not fully deactivate accounts, but people have abandoned the sight. (Not the people with 10 sock puppet accounts and all that nonsense that goes on there)

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This is a great idea. I'm going to keep an eye out for advertisers then post them on twitter, publicly name-dropping the most vile rape-themed subreddit names. If we could get enough women on board this would be an epic fight-back. Although right now i can't bring myself to go on that misogynistic dumpster fire of a site

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I've already emailed a few, plus a journalist I thought might be interested.

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If you're emailing journalists and advertisers you should tell them about /r/fauxbait, it's full of what looks like actual child porn with the excuse that it's supposedly of legal girls, and 190,000 pedophiles are subscribed to it. Reddit allows pedophiles who masturbate to simulated cp to form networks with eachother, who will then assuredly go on to trade genuinely illegal cp in private.

While I don't have evidence of fauxbait users doing that, it's an obvious conclusion based on how pedophiles behave. They did this on /r/jailbait which was for images of clothed kids but redditors would request cp be sent to them in private messages. Source on this:

The "it's legal" excuse isn't even valid for fauxbait, as Reddit's creepy owners used the same excuse to defend jailbait until public pressure made them ban it. Also everything on /r/gendercritical was a hell of a lot more legal than simulated cp.

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That is vile. Wow okay, I'll be letting the companies I am emailing know about this too.