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from the mod rules:

4a) Mods cannot remove user comments that are both in good faith and on-topic.

4b) Mods CAN remove opposing opinions that are high on the pyramid of debate, and ban those users on that sub, if and only if the 2 following conditions are met: 1: The fact the sub removes opposing opinions is announced in the sub's sidebar. 2: The mods uncheck the sub setting "allow this sub to appear on /all"

So I think GC can have a space where they can remove and ban whoever they like here if they follow this 4b rule. Might want to check with the mods for details though if intending to say here for any significant length of time.

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Yes, this is something we will decide once it's all calmed down.

Right now we are removing comments with slurs in. I would like to avoid outright banning anyone unless they are consistently harassing or posting slurs or doxxing.

I have faith and trust in the women here to be able to ignore comments they don't like and to report it if they feel its necessary and we will take a look at it.