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Yes, this banwave was super misogynistic.

The biggest proof of this is that r/GenderCriticalGuys/ is still up and running.

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I thought r/GenderCriticalGuys was set aside as its own space to keep women's voices in the center of attention. Not that men were forbidden from posting on GC, just that it would sometimes derail discussions.

Still, the guys in that group were pretty much saying the exact same things that got GC banned. Men aren't women, etc. I don't understand the double-standard.

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Because TRAs didn't report them en masse - just the women.

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This is it. I looked into what guidelines that defined who got banned and spez mentioned reporting as a factor. So even if the majority of the users don't care, the loud keyboard warriors influence them.

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love your user name/baudelaire reference

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Tras never go against men. Why do you think trans identified males scream that men should suck their girldick, only women? They are terrified of men.

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Oh, that was rhetorical... also the fact that r/GenderCynical is still up there gloating that the TERFs got knocked out—that kind of says it all.

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r/mappositivity is still up too, promoting childrape

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We didn't get knocked out... this is proof our movement is gaining power.

So we got kicked off a platform. Hell, most people I know haven't even heard of Reddit, I had to explain to someone this morning, "It's sort of like Facebook". It isn't really, but close enough for the purpose of my conversation.

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I don't know if it's just the algorithm but most of the posts on my default saidit page are GC. Are we the most active sub on here?

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They are like all bullies, they are cowards, they know women are powerless and are physically less stronger than them, yet they go after us. Again, they're cowards, they know that they would never get away with pulling this stuff on other men.

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Cry-bullies is a good term for them.

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Modeled after Eric Cartman from South Park -- the OG cry-bully!

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Or they’re attracted to men.

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FWIW there's rumor of another banwave coming on 7/1, r/GenderCriticalGuys and r/LGBdroptheT were concerned about it . . .

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I feel like they left GCG up on purpose to piss GCer's off more. It feels like a power move by reddit admins.

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I agree. It’s a big FU to women.

This is the same kind of shit that women dealt with in the days before the internet and social media. The difference is that now, male privilege is wearing a dress.

The power and control that men have never changed. Liberal feminists (including my former self) were blinded to the pretend acceptance that we thought that we had gained.

The women’s movement needs to rebirth and to not stop pushing back, no matter what.

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Women are under attack. This is a hostile backlash affecting all women and it's deployed in insidious, often technological ways. Right now, as so many of us are focused on COVID-19, unemployment, the election, BLM, it's the perfect time to erase our rights because the media barely acknowledges it.

There's so little awareness of this happening to women as a class. Few people would discuss your friend's persecution as a strategy men use against women to punish, shame and control them; they'd see it as an individual issue and somehow blame her for it. Women ask to retain single-sex spaces and we're hateful bigots; men torment a woman with non-consenting public nudes and people shrug it off.

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TIMs falsely claims that GC subreddit denied trans people being humans and wanted them to die, which is completely made up. I doubt if anyone could even find a single post close enough to that accusation.

BUT TIMs have said similar things against women MILLIONS OF TIMES. They are labelling biological women as "TERFs", denying their participation in human society and threatening to massacre them.

Women concerned about their lost rights vs. Misogynists threatening to eliminate women's existence. Which one is the hate crime?

Reddit has been promoting all the subreddits that have been openly harassing and insulting women. The only thing it could not tolerate is women's voice. What a disgusting website.

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TRAs (i.e. men in dresses) get to decide what "violence" means, and "violence" in this case means not giving 100% enthusiastic support to the trans-dogma. Wrong pronouns, deadnaming, telling an intact man to get out of the ladies' -- all acts of PHYSICAL violence... in trans-cult world.

Didn't I just read a story on GC last week about a TiM who got misgendered at a Halloween party, so he spent the entire time crying in the corner? See, in that TiM's mind, being told he is a man translated to being lead 'round back by a bunch of radical feminists and roughed up with steel-toed boots and brass knuckles. Extreme mental gymnastics are required when you're a wealthy white man who cries that he is the most oppressed ever!

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I think so much of this TIM infiltration of our spaces is in part due to them being in tech, and in part because they’re probably already wealthy. One can’t “successfully transition” and be broke. Even keeping basic beauty regimens for a woman can break the bank. It’s spoiled rich men playing into their porn fantasies who are all over our spaces

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JK Rowling is right; we are living in an extremely misogynistic time but no one is allowed to speak up about it.

Oft, too real.

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The majority of the bans were of conservative subs and subs that critiqued the BLM movement. There are hundreds of anti-white subs that did not get banned. The banwave was racist towards white people, but mostly: it was politically motivated. The banwave targetted subs that don't completely align with Bidens views.

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This shit goes deep.

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I've done some perusing around TRA based subs and they uniformly have a call to action to bandwagon report GC subs, especially the women run subs. They are also targeting LGBdroptheT and GCGuys. Basically, no GC sub is safe as they are out in force reporting us but not just the simple type of report that seems to go back to the moderators. They are informing their sub members of the best way to report which is, apparently, to go to the /report extension of reddit and to link to the pinned post or individual posts and then to report as harmful/harassment, include the link to the post and corroborating information.

TLDR; TRA are reporting women run GC subs en masse to deplatform all GC subs, esp women run subs. All GC subs are targets but as usual, they are focused on deplatforming women first.

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The dick-swingers run everything, so get to decide what is offensive (women's rights) and what is not (violent pornography and misogyny). Luckily for us, we live in a time where a woman like JK Rowling can have "fuck you" money, and loudly defend our position while we are being silenced.

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They took down r/BanFemaleHateSubs, leaving up the newly made guys one. If you go there, you'll see they are skipping subs moderated by TIMS, like misandry fetish, even though they supposedly are in it to protect men 🙄 They are admitted MGTOW as well.

We need to blow this right open. I'm not going quietly. I want answers from reddit NOW.

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Over on gender critical guys sub-reddit, someone compiled a list of all the subs that remain up:

Surviving misogynistic subs documented by the NOW BANNED sub /r/banfemalehatesubs. Not "promoting hate" according to Reddit's TOS:

/r/banmalehatesubs (created in retaliation for the existence of /r/banfemalehatesubs)





































Involuntary pornography subs:








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Email companies that advertise there and ask them if they are comfortable advertising on a site that does not count websites that promote rape as "hateful" and ask how the companies feel about that.

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I never posted on GC because I honestly do sometimes see people being anti-trans. Not just anti-autogynephile or pro-women's rights but genuinely saying that transsexual medial conditions don't exist. And I didn't see those people getting moderated. I do not agree with that, I think transsexual is a real thing and I think those affected by it deserve our empathy. But I followed GC, and I came here, because it's one of the only places I see that protects biological women's voices and ability to speak about their own experience. I've already been banned from posting today in a REALITY SHOW sub reddit because someone said GC believes that "gender is rigid and unchangeable", and I simply corrected that and said if you're going to criticize something you should be accurate about it.

A "real" trans person probably isn't any threat to us. In fact they probably aren't a part of the trans movement at all. They probably do have a difficult lived experienced and need protections from abuse and discrimination. I support that. But I am also a biologically sexed woman, I am not going to let someone tell me with a straight face that a biological sexed man isn't stronger than me because sex isn't real. That's fucking ridiculous.

I don't know if I'm "gender critical" I don't know if I'm "radical feminist". I just know that biology isn't some made up fairy tale - that I live in a reality where myself and almost every woman I know has been sexually harassed or assaulted by biological men. And the idea of being censored for stating that is some dystopian shit that doesn't need to be the new normal.

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I agree with you, I didn't comment/post on GC but I did see anti-trans content on there. But no one was actually advocating for violence like several other subs. It was a place for women to express their opinions and criticism. People should know what they are criticizing.

My personal thoughts regarding gender theory are that:

  • gender dysphoria is real and being transgender or transexual is a real thing

  • one must have gender dysphoria and want to do HRT and SRS in order to be trans. I understand there are factors like $$, loss of fertility, effectiveness in the surgery that are reasons why a trans person wouldn't want to have bottom surgery.

  • Biological sex is real and binary. Intersex people have conditions that are anomalies in the bimodal sex spectrum. They have portions of the male and female anatomy. As a species, one's sex determines their role in reproduction. Only males and females can reproduce and have children.

  • trans men are trans men and trans women are trans women. Trans men are female while trans women are male.

  • Homosexual = attracted to the same sex. Heterosexual = attracted to the opposite sex. Bisexual = attracted to both sexes. Attraction based on gender needs to use different terminology like "queer," "gynosexual," "androsexual," and "pangender/pansexual." The concept of genital preferences is low-key homophobic

  • Refusing to date someone because they are trans is not transphobic. Refusing to date someone because they are bi is not biphobic.

  • About bathrooms. Before all these bathroom bills, trans people have probably used the bathroom of their choice. It makes sense for passing, post-op trans people to use the bathroom of their choice. I think concerns about "cis" men pretending to be trans are valid. My solution would be to have single doored gender-neutral bathrooms. Each "stall" would have a toilet and sink and not be connected to others. Or I think it makes sense to have bathrooms labeled for men, women, and gender neutral.

  • Trans people who have gone through puberty should not be able to compete in sports as their desired gender. There should be 4 categories for sports: women's men;s trans women's and trans men's.

  • Children should not be on puberty blockers or HRT or any form of SRS. They cannot consent to any of this until they are 18.

  • "They" is a general pronoun used to refer to multiple people or to someone you don't know the gender of.

  • I think sharing pronouns helps people with "foreign" or ambiguous names. I don't have a problem referring to people by their desired pronouns if they are "she" and "he", but I really feel that I am butchering the English language when I use "they" to refer to a singular person. Also, any other pronouns are kind of ridiculous. Misgendering someone is not committing violence.

  • The meaning of the word "transphobic" is devalued when people label "trans critical" behavior as transphobic. Also a lot of people on Twitter are going on about how "so and so is transphobic and LITERALLY KILLING trans people" or "X thinks trans people don't have the right to exist." I think those responses are often an over-reaction. They should target that response to actual transphobes

  • Being non-binary isn't being transgender. I think nb people are just gnc and need therapy.

  • Having same sex spaces is not transphobic

These are just off the top of my head. I think being gender critical doesn't make someone a radfem. Personally I am radfem-leaning and transmed-leaning

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I agree with everything you wrote although I was under the impression we're not supposed to say "trans" here which is why I avoided using it. I would add that the worry about bathrooms isn't about just bathrooms, or even about actual transexual people, it's about autogynephiles and male predators taking advantage of female spaces. Something which men don't have to worry about the vast majority of the time which is what makes it a strong feminist issue.

I think it's important to advocate for actual Trans Rights, and medical research, and get away from this umbrella that groups other kind of gender non conforming people in with transexual people. Sex is NOT gender and I thought feminists and queer people have been fighting for that be normalized for the last... 70+ years? No person that isn't diagnosed by a thorough set of guidelines should be able to call themselves "trans" just because they want to. If someone with a penis is sexually assaulted they deserve the same empathy and protection as anyone else, but someone with a penis shouldn't be automatically allowed into female rape centers just on their word.

Life is cruel and uncaring and the hard truth is there is no way to make it "equal" for everyone, by the standards of transexuals who want to pass and be treated as women or men instead of trans women or trans men. If they want the social treatment they feel they need then sometimes they will have to address their transexual condition, they will have to name it and be categorized by it. Most of us can recognize that sucks for them, we can be empathetic and try to be as kind to them as is reasonable. But it's their reality, they can't expect the whole world to change the rules around a basic denial of reality. I assume a lot of them don't, and I feel bad for them that their voices are buried by perverts and narcissists.

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Gender critical guys is still up!!!

Of course it may be they jsut haven't gotten around to them yet.

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That's my assumption for now. Although its odd that so many smaller subs did get banned. Will see in the next few days if it gets banned also.

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Are they not banning the woman killing/raping stuff because that is where their ad clicks are coming from? I honestly don't expect Reddit to be moral, so I am assuming there is a capitalistic reason for this.

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so I am assuming there is a capitalistic reason for this.

As usual.

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Reddit is free to do what they want to with their platform, at least i am of the opinion they should be.

Personally i feel like any platform worth its salt should allow any and all discussion, banning discussion is wrong no matter the subject. Continue discussing how unfair your ban is and that x or y subreddit should have been banned instead of GC. I just hope you eventually see the hypocrisy.

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Radical feminists have been re-iterating this for decades before Rowling. Women haven't a clue of how much men hate us and they hate "letting" us uniting and thriving in exclusively female spaces. Read feminist literature from authors like Dworkin, you will know what I mean. Any social sphere with predominantly men running the show will end up being a cock-carousel.

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Hell. I’m all over twitter right now. I deleted my account with Reddit but I’m wondering what will happen in the next few weeks.

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That is horrifying. Ugh. Is there any way she can sue them?

And's quite clear that this ban raid they went on was unjustly targeting female spaces. It is BLATANTLY obvious at this point.

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There should be a law that says you can take down sexual pictures of yourself hosted by any third party website. There is absolutely NO excuse for any sexual images of anyone to be legally hosted online without their consent. The only exception I can think of would be legitimate works of art such as movies. However, I'm not too familiar with the Constitutional and legal issues surrounding this. I wish I was more informed.

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I hated reddit before, and onl really used it when I disocovered the GC sub. Now I'm staying away forever. Fuck reddit.

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I actually found Reddit really hard to read and follow, so I really like it here. I hope we get more members.