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I just want to say that it is indicative of how serious income inequality has become in the US- that GC feminists are being banned from Reddit and that the rest of the world is jumping onto TRA ideology because we are so culturally influential. Only in very well to do, liberal, elite circles would some of the things said in trans groups on Reddit be acceptable. Rich men support TRA's because it allows them to continue to behave in ways that exploit women for sexual gratification. These men aren't healthy, they are deeply insecure and wounded and they are willing to harm untold numbers of women to feed their own ego. Look at Weinstein and Epstein - those two men alone raped hundreds of women. What can we do about this? I don't want anyone to be harmed (esp poor trans people), but I am not willing to weaken women's rights and protections in that process. We should be building trans specific services not asking women to share resources that are already scarce and inadequate for them.