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Reposting my old peak

About 6-7 years ago or so I was very libfem, was barely aware of radfem. Gay people were granted the right to be married in the US and I wanted something new to feel self righteous about. Trans people were being talked about a lot more. It was new and different and magical and “breaking gender norms” lol. Of course I didn’t believe they were literally women, but if they were so unhappy and suicidal, I didn’t see the harm in a small number of mentally ill people living that way if it helped. The death of Leelah Alcorn got a lot of attention and pushed me to join pro trans subs to understand them better and adopt their rhetoric. I was looking through memes in gender cynical and not really understanding them. Then one caught my attention. It said something like “if you saw someone cute at a bar, you wouldn’t grab their genitals to check before flirting.” Well that makes no sense. So I commented something like “I’m straight so I don’t want to interact sexually with someone else’s vagina, trans or not. Am I missing something?” They dogpiled called me a “terf” and told me to go back to gender critical. Having never heard of it before, I checked it out. Being a libfem I was confused there too and got banned, but I stuck around and learned cuz I knew I was hearing the truth. They had a ready and willing ally and in my very first interaction with them they proved to be hysterical morons, whereas GC put me off initially but won me over with something they’ll never have, the truth.

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Maybe they will keep calling women TERF's who ask those questions and keep turning everyone against them.