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One of my best friends from university came out as a TIM. At the time I was deep in libfem territory and the woke friend, so I was very supportive, etc. Our chats, which were normal before, became all about cute anime boys, makeup (which I never wear), clothes, bra sizes, you know, the usual ~girly stuff~. He was only out to some people so I lied a lot about him to other friends who cared deeply about him, since he basically ghosted everybody. Made me beg so our common friend used the correct pronouns, but then used his male name and male pronouns online when convenient. That was the first wake up call to me. Then I discovered he used his older sister's clothes when she wasn't home and he was in my house countless times before. Of course this caused my brain to wire something new and I discovered Gender Critical at the time. Everybody was so supportive and helpful, and I didn't feel crazy or like I was the only person feeling what I was feeling about this hijack of women's struggles.

So then I started posting soft (lol) gender critical stuff on facebook and he decided it was because of him and asked me why I was posting "hate". So I was upfront with him and told him what I thought about the whole issue and that my mind had changed. The subjects went from "why are men allowed to identify as women and white people can't identify as black people" to women's rights. He wasn't at all empathetic with women's issues like menstrual huts. Made my blood boil so I just deleted him from my life.

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I had a female friend come out as a trans man and the second she did I was not allowed to interject when she was conversing with other dudes. One she transitioned I was literally excluded from bro talk. Like, what?

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Sorry, you're kinda eclipsing my masculinity when you talk /s

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Right, I used to think the radfem premise that women who transition do it to escape being women. I thought that could not possibly be true. But then that happened and I realized that maybe that is true.

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The best way to get male validation is to become one of them.