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Clearly you don't read the comments in context before you removed them. All my comments were direct on-topic replies to other comments. Saying that it is not a debate sub does not give you a free pass to remove whatever you want.

Comply with the requirements then remove dissenting opinions, and only dissenting opinions posted after you fixed the sidebar.

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The topic of the subreddit is gender critical feminism. Your views are expressly stated as not being within the bounds of the original topic of the forum. I will not change my stance. If the powers that be want to remove me, they're welcome to do so. A post about eugenics and posts outside the bounds of gender critical feminism do not belong in a gender critical discussion. I have read the rules closely. I stand by my stance that you are not arguing in good faith and do not meet the criteria for being involved in this forum.

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Did you even read my comment? Its like you're neither reading them nor reading them in context. I don't even post about eugenics, why do you keep bringing that up?

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Bro you commented all over the place. I'm going through my messages in order. Your responses and response history show you don't meet the criteria for our community. My final stance is that you're welcome to bring my decisions up to the powers that be, but you aren't a gender critical feminist, you don't believe in gender critical feminism and you don't belong in the space.

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you aren't a gender critical feminist, you don't believe in gender critical feminism and you don't belong in the space.

That is not how Saidit works. All opinions are welcome on this website, in all subs. You do not have a safe-space here. You have to accept criticism as part of the Pyramid of Debate. If you don't like that, then go find another website. Saying "this is not a debate sub" breaks the Saidit site rules. Your sub rules cannot override site rules. Every sub is a debate sub here.

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Except the rules also state that communities can determine what's off topic. This is a debate sub within gc feminism. Which you don't meet the base criteria for