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      /u/cattyspinster I see in the moderation logs that you have repeatedly removed and reapproved this comment. Rule 4 of this site hurts, doesn't it? Don't like being forced to leave counter-arguments up? Then take the entire sub off /all, or go find another website. You can't silence dissenting opinions on saidit.

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      I apologize. There are not any rules on the sub yet and I was not sure if this counted as debate or not as this is not a debate sub. Leaving your comments up in good faith, good day.

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      The rule is simple: if your sub is eligible for /all then you cannot remove dissenting comments. Maybe actually read the moderator rules before you accept a position as moderator?

      Also, even if your sub had rules, your sub rules cannot contradict the site rules. And the site rules say you have to leave dissenting opinions up.

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      Got it. Thanks

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      Now your fellow mod /u/homeless-g_c-mod has removed a ton of comments, including this one, violating Rule 4 of this website.

      /u/magnora7 the moderators here are breaking Rule 4.

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      I disagree. If you review the comments I've removed from /u/teelo and feel that they weren't in fact "Dragging down discussion on Pyramid of Debate" that's another matter. This sub clearly states on the sidebar that it is not a debate sub and we are working to meet the rules of saidit.

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      Clearly you don't read the comments in context before you removed them. All my comments were direct on-topic replies to other comments. Saying that it is not a debate sub does not give you a free pass to remove whatever you want.

      Comply with the requirements then remove dissenting opinions, and only dissenting opinions posted after you fixed the sidebar.

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      The topic of the subreddit is gender critical feminism. Your views are expressly stated as not being within the bounds of the original topic of the forum. I will not change my stance. If the powers that be want to remove me, they're welcome to do so. A post about eugenics and posts outside the bounds of gender critical feminism do not belong in a gender critical discussion. I have read the rules closely. I stand by my stance that you are not arguing in good faith and do not meet the criteria for being involved in this forum.