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Soooo.... can you fuck the bear in this game? Asking for a friend, of course ❤️🐻❤️

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You can fuck the druid companion in bear form.

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So he's actually a filthy human?? Dissapointing, I don't want to fuck the bear anymore.

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You can fist my ass with a jackhammer

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It’s a fun game and I have been enjoying it. But rabid fandoms ruin conversation. I do believe it will likely be a top contender for game of the year. And I’ve enjoyed the responses from other game devs. Especially how they are panicking. But I’ll concede even I have some issues with things. Like some of the backstory writing is a bit lazy and the personalities of a few characters are downright annoying. The combat can be a challenge especially on tactical. And it feels accomplishing to get past a hard battle after trying different strategies.ultimately what should matter most is if you personally enjoyed the game and got your monies worth. Don’t let the idiot fanboys ruin your good time.

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I'm enjoying the game, but as per usual, anything on a social media platform is susceptible to the toxicity of the internet. Look what they tried to do to the LOTR community, one of the least toxic fandoms in the world. Having said that, any game that lets you laugh at a knoll's penis after interrupting him fucking an ogre is a winner in my book.


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After that big 'bear controversy' a very special, very online, very aggressive segment of post-2014 gaming nuevo-fans latched on to BG3 and they've eclipsed all general discourse of the game. And this specific segment of people are known for taking their like to dislike of anything to the level of religious fanaticism.

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It isn't coming out on the PlayStation till September 6 😔

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Larian games aren't all that fun with a controller. Most CRPGs aren't. If I didn't have a PC I'd skip this one.

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How many options are there to modify my penis again? I don't really care about my character's background or motivation, but if my penis doesn't have that 40 degree "Pleasure bend", I really can't relate.

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Disappointingly only 4 canned mods. Pretty much 2 cut and 2 uncut, and OMG I'm already too into this game!

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4 penises and a genetic skin condition, but no slider for my face details? Game of the year!

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but no slider for my face details?

Can't have your rounding off those Gaston lumberjack jaws. People might get the wrong idea about what a 'real woman' looks like.