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It could be, if normal people can wrestle AI away for the woke megacorps.

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I don't think that is very revolutionary. NPCs are already programmed with complicated dialogue trees. That last tiny step into infinite dialogue is kind of pointless because the NPCs have a role to play and that dictates the dialogue to some degree.

Too much dialogue is also a problem. Game designers like to bury information and side quests in the dialogue tree which makes people want to go through all the dialogue to make sure they don't miss anything.

The revolutionary advancement around the corner will be in the programming space. I see AI being able to take concept art and automatically turn it into a full 3d model, with optimized polygon counts and fully maped contact boxes, etc. I see it being able to take crude drawings and generate high quality art and characters. Likely dozens of versions that can be chosen by the human and modified with voice commands.

As for gameplay, that will allow characters to collect unique damage throughout the game. That would be cool, but also not recolutuonary.

Uploading pictures of yourself would allow the character to look like you. That would be cool, but probably will be severely limited on purpose to limit abuse.

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What about playing a multiplayer game with AI players, like an ally that can think for itself? Or when you have to escort an NPC but it has AI so it can keep up with you and won't run right into bad guys?

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AI has been able to do that already.

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You can definitely use the tech to support DMing. Or even set it up to be the DM if you want. Though I feel like due to the nature of the technology it will get quite samely if you rely on it.

To be fair it's the same problem as always, how do you make something seem fresh and interesting but have it still be fun.

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nVidia's (and more and more AMD's too) Graphic Processing Units include AI cores. Right now they are only used to do graphics and image processing, but I can see a future where strategy games for example, will use that AI capability to hugely increase the smartness of the in-game AI. Give it rules and a difficulty level, then watch it come up with new ways to win.

THAT will be a compelling use case for AI in games.